Jane Fogarty of PawPawPawPawPrints writes:

I’m not sure if you’ll remember me but I was in touch last year (around Sept). I had just started my pet portrait business and you ran a competition on Broadsheet. A lovely girl named Clare won a portrait of her dog Buddy.

Since then I have decided to leave my part time job and make try to make a success of Pawpawpawpawprints. I feel that a lot of the success and confidence in the idea came down to that promotion.The response was wonderful, it really helped to spread the word. Thank you.

I was wondering if you would like to run another competition for a free framed portrait for one of your readers? I think we could all do with a bit of cheering up this week.

To enter just complete this sentence:

‘I very badly need a portrait of my pet_________________owing to________________________________________’

Lines MUST close at 4.45pm MIDNIGHT


Last Year: I Will Paint Your Pet

Buddy Buddy

36 thoughts on “I WILL Paint YOUR Pet

  1. edalicious

    I very badly need a portrait of my pet owing to the fact that she passed away earlier this year :'(

    1. Neilo

      I hope the portrait will be based on a photo not…well, read Pet Sematary and you’ll catch my shudder-inducing drift

  2. Teeoc

    ‘I very badly need a portrait of my pet owing to the fact that a portrait is very fancy and my dog is not very fancy…..shes needs a little more fancy in her life!’

  3. Cathal McGuire

    I very badly need a portrait of my pet Jessie owing to the pun value of ‘Jessie’s painted picture’

  4. Maire

    I very badly need a portrait of my pet cocker spaniel Daisy owing to the fact that we wont have her for much longer as she’s 15, deaf, almost blind and arthritic but we all love her.

    1. Neilo

      You need at least one dog, man…it sets something loose in the soul that is wonderful to experience. I get that you’re a city mouse, but at least try and borrow a pup for a stroll and a few games of catch. Thank me later.

      1. Clampers Outside

        I hear ya, we had a family dog, wee Judy, a dachshund. My bros have dogs… a lovely beagle, as he lives in the country, another has a pug, and another bro has a …. Charles (King Charles?)…. Me… I live in a flat, I used to have a pic of dogs playing poker :(

  5. Alex

    ‘I very badly need a portrait of my pet owing to her sweet eyes being the only respite in an increasingly scary world. Also there’s a space above the fireplace.”

  6. JK

    They don’t look like paintings to me, they look like computer generated cartoonified efforts, a la instagram and snapchat

        1. Henry

          To look this consistently stylised, and cleanly finished there is an actual human graphic artist involved to a certain degree – for €50 it’s not expensive

  7. John

    I very badly need a portrait of my pet owing to him looking over my shoulder barking at your other portraits.

  8. essexhian

    ‘I very badly need a portrait of my pets. Monty, Ruby, Freddy and Dolly are miniature dachshunds who drive me crazy at times (small dog = big personality). But at the end of the day they are my best friends . A home without a Dachshund is just a house as they say!

  9. Bertie Blenkinsop

    I very badly need a portrait of my pet owing to the fact that lately she wakes up at 4am every single night to be let out for a pee.

    The picture will look great on her headstone.

  10. Bort

    ‘I very badly need a portrait of my pet Teddington T Dog owing to him being a vapid, selfish, vain, sycophant who for cares nothing other than his own gain, appearance and social standing’

    1. jeremy kyle

      the cut out filter, or live trace in illustrator me thinks

      ah shur, it ain’t easy making money off illustration and they’re being sold at reasonable price, all the power to ’em

  11. Whatever

    I very badly need a portrait of my pet (actually it’s not my pet, it’s the beloved and long-departed cat of my partner) owing to the fact she’s got a birthday coming up soon and not only am I flummoxed on what to get her, I’m also flat broke :(

  12. The Bad Ambassador

    I very badly need a portrait of our puppy Bruce owing to the fact that if he keeps eating the Sunday papers he may not have much time left in this world – it would be nice to have something to remember his handsome little face by.

  13. LionM

    I very badly need a a portrait of my pet cat Fjant, owing to him having travelled over the oceans with me and I had to put him down due to bad health on tuesday and I miss him terribly.

  14. Dee Cunniffe

    I very badly need a portrait of my pet cat Mimi of 10 years owing to having to get her put down two weeks ago and collecting her ashes today! And having 3 very sad kids who grew up with her.

  15. Miriam

    ‘I very badly need a portrait of my pet owing to the fact that my cat Figs who I rescued from the claws of death now prefers my boyfriend as he works from home and has corrupted my cat. The portrait would be nice for work to remind me how much I love him as he seems to save all his scratching and biting for me now while my boyfriend gets all the lap-sitting and purring.

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