9 thoughts on “Going Forehead

  1. anne

    All mod cons too like running water and a microwave. And they’re only delighted, to present this I bet.

  2. Retalivity

    They also failed to mention the birds eye view of kids ripping wing mirrors off cars right outside, as well as the perennial skips and other st. anthony roads detritus.


  3. backomebollix

    Don’t leave your house after dark and mind yourself during the day, that would be my advice to anyone moving into St Anthony’s Road.

  4. The Bottler

    Don’t knock St Anthony’s Road just around the corner is the childhood residence of Mr Gabriel Byrne!

  5. Resident Eve L.

    All joking aside don’t even consider moving onto this particular street #letsjustchangethenamefromfatimamansionstoherbertonbegrand

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