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From top: Donegal County Councillor Sean McEniff; The Donegal Post, November 14, 2016

Fianna Fáil Donegal County Councillor and hotelier Sean McEniff has been in an ‘induced coma‘ for a number of weeks since falling ill in the Canary Islands, according to his family.

On Saturday November 12, Cllr McEniff was flown back to Ireland by Air Ambulance and rushed to a Dublin hospital after spending weeks in intensive care in Grand Canaria.

Cllr McEniff had been scheduled to appear at Ballyshannon  as a witness in a case, involving the alleged assault of a female garda officer at Bundoran Town Council offices in 2014.

Cllr. McEniff’s son Conor  told Ballyshannon District Court on November 3 that his father might never be able to give evidence owing to his condition. The case was adjourned until December 9.

Earlier this year, Cllr McEniff denied that he was the politician who had  intervened in the Mary Boyle investigation.

In Gemma O’Doherty’s documentary Mary Boyle: The Untold Story retired sergeant Martin Collins and former detective inspector Aidan Murray recalled a phone call made by a politician to gardaí, during the investigation into Mary’s 1977 disappearance which led to certain people not being questioned.

After Cllr McEniff’s return to Ireland last week the McEniff family issued a statement:

“We would like to acknowledge the continued messages of good wishes and prayers for Sean’s recovery. The family would also like to thank the medical professionals of Clinica Rocca in San Agustin who did an excellent job of caring for Sean in Gran Canaria.”

In happier news, on November 11, the night before Cllr McEniff’s emergency airlift, his wife Eilis McEniff bravely attended the Bundoran GAA Bord na nOg social night (above).

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22 thoughts on “Pray For Sean

      1. AlisonT

        The paragraph is in very bad taste, just because it may be factually correct does not make it appropriate. Tabloid reporting.

  1. Starina

    “unduced”, eh?

    Funny how these timings always work out.

    BTW, commenting using the app seems to be on the blitz.

    1. Murtles

      They must have unadvertently wrote unduced to be unconspicuous about his unability to attend hearings.
      It’s inderstandable I suppose.

  2. nellyb

    Glorious Fianna Fáil Donegáil
    “After some legal argument during which counsel for the defense Mr Johnnie McCoy BL called for more information on Cllr McEniff’s condition, it was ruled that the case would continue.
    Superintendent Colm Nevin had previously told the court that he was happy to proceed without prosecution witness Cllr McEniff.
    Mr McCoy said this was not acceptable and continued to dispute the matter with Judge Paul Kelly.
    Judge Kelly told the barrister: “I will not have this sort of carry on in this court. I have allowed you a lot of latitude Mr McCoy but do not speak to this court like that.”
    He asked the barrister if he was suggesting that medical professionals were involved in some sort of conspiracy and if Mr Murray had addressed the court as part of that.
    Mr McCoy said a medical certificate had been handed in on the first day of the hearing on September 30 saying Cllr McEniff was unable to attend. Yet the councillor had attended his niece’s wedding the next day. He said the councillor should attend as a witness and further investigations should take place to find out when he would be fit to give evidence.
    Judge Kelly said: “He is in intensive care in hospital. Does it matter why?”

  3. Kolmo

    All you have to do is drive through Bundoran – you can see the feudal nature of land ownership in the area by well-known folks, they couldn’t be bothered investing in the place, it could be a gem, on the coast, beautiful beaches etc – and then there’s the town itself – dead-eyed slot machine units, worst food in Ireland, litter, shocking amounts of litter, heavy, heavy drinking culture, abandoned buildings, left to rot in full view of residents and tourists – there are a small amount of nice businesses and the people are decent, but ffs – look at the state of the place – the worst type of planning.

    1. Christopher

      As a Donegal man Bundoran is a complete ugly disgrace- no wonder with people like McEniff running the place. Cretins the lot of them.

      1. Mark

        I’m from Bundoran & your comments are well wide of the mark. Are you that informed about Bundoran & the people living in the town & surrounding areas. Did you just feel the need to make use of the term ” cretins ” to flex your vocabulary ? It’s all so easy to paint everyone with the one brush. Snap judgement of the highest order. Are you sure there aren’t cretins in your own town ? Maybe you’re familiar the term only too well………..

    2. John F. Early

      Kolmo, you comment makes me think Donegal might not be the Real Pearl of Ireland of the ads, after all. Jesting. One would think that wise people would make this a pearl if there was an opportunity to do so, but one would think many things which will not actually happen until the right time comes — like, e.g., pinpointing the remains of Mary Boyle, six year old Irish citizen who had the “Right to Life” guaranteed in the Irish constitution. Erin gu Bragh. John (I’m American whose parents came from Leitrim.)

  4. Truth in the News

    The reporting on this is of national importance, indeed it asked ” Pray for Sean”
    one wishes Mr McNiff a speedy recovery.

  5. Davros

    “Very bad taste to be having a knees-up when your spouse is apparently very ill.”

    Yes, if I was of a less trusting nature I could almost be convinced that he wasn’t ill at all but that would be mad. I mean if that were true he would probably be committing a crime of some kind. Just curious was it a Spanish or Irish doctor that signed that medical cert and was it air ambulance paid for by private medical insurance?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Maybe it’s a Fianna Fail type of “unduced” coma… Like Squire Hockey’s Tribunal induced “illnesses”

  6. Parkhead

    The same judge Paul Kelly who was a Fianna Fail Cllr in Kildare. Appointed Judge in the dying days of a previous Fianna Fail government?

  7. Bort

    If there are a more sinister, corrupt bunch of people in Ireland than the collective Bundoran/Ballyshannon Gardaí/businessmen/local politicians I havn’t come across them. I am from Ballyshannon, left when I was a teenager. Tried to set up a business in Bundoran a few years ago that would actually bring more tourism to the area but because I wasn’t deemed a local and may be competing with existing businesses I was promptly to F off and that no one would work with me. Few years later a person in Bundoran I had sought to partner with was running the exact replica of my business. I’m glad in a way because the town is sh*t hole, which is such a pity. And if you want to see grim spend a few winter days in Ballyshannon. Used to be a beautiful town.

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