Mary Boyle’s Untold Story


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The trailer for a forthcoming documentary, Mary Boyle: The Untold Story, written and directed by investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty, about the disappearance of Mary Boyle in Donegal in March, 1977.

It includes interviews with retired sergeant Martin Collins and former detective inspector Aidan Murray (top) who recall a phone call made by a politician to gardaí, during the investigation into Mary’s disappearance, and how the phone call led to certain people not being arrested or questioned.

Mr Murray remembers how, during one interview, he “suddenly got a wee nudge” from his superior officer and was effectively told to “ease off” while questioning a man.

Mary Boyle: The Untold Story will be available in full in the coming weeks.

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Update: Listen to Gemma discuss Mary Boyle The Untold Story on Highland Radio [April 30]

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32 thoughts on “Mary Boyle’s Untold Story

        1. Supercrazyprices

          Is that the same ‘law’ that subverted itself by preventing questioning of the chief suspect?

  1. Supercrazyprices

    You have a problem with Gemma O’Doherty. She’s trying to expose the truth about a missing child against all odds and you seem to be critical of her.

    That is strange. Are you linked to the Irish Independent or a member of the party whose politician interfered in the case in 1977?

  2. realPolithicks

    “Why isn’t Primetime, Ireland’s great purveyor of glossily produced news items, willing to touch this subject?”

    Because their political paymasters have told them not to….

  3. Anne

    It’s a travesty that this person is known by everyone in the location to have murdered this child and nothing is being done about it, except the guards showing up at Ann Doherty’s doorstep intimidating her.

    Why did a politician get involved? Was there a paedo ring maybe?
    Why hasn’t this person been brought in for questioning?

    1. SPAX

      add in the Cynthia Owen case I’m Dalkey and others…some dark, filthy goings-on in this country. And you can bet there’s similar happening right now – likely in DP centres to start with, lots of vulnerable minors there who are being utterly neglected.

    1. some old queen

      Will this be broadcasted on RTE1 at a 9-10 reasonable time? Nobody from Donnybrook involved so probably not. Pensions involved. Then again, if they were involved it would be neutered by legal clowns to the point of no point.

      What happened that little girl? Let’s start with where she is buried. Fair play to Daniel.

      1. SweetPeteato

        There is an obsession with getting recognition by RTE, forget about it. This documentary should be on Netflix, would cause way more of a stir.

  4. 15 cents

    deeply deeply shameful goings on in this country. how someone, or in this case, someones, could sit on info connected with this and not be interupted by their own morals or sympathy is disturbing.

  5. Kdoc!

    If some local sleazebag politician stymied a Garda investigation I wonder why we haven’t heard any noises on the issue coming from other local politicians? The information on the video supplied by the retired Garda officers is both compelling and convincing.

  6. Daisy Chainsaw

    Maybe all the current sleazebag politicians with the clout to make some noise are part of De Party and a local Omerta reigns.

  7. Rob_G

    SF… locating bodies…

    – there are several dozen reasons why SF might not want to get involved, in fairness.

  8. Vanessa

    Its possible Enda was too busy clanging bells with whachamaycallhim to be assistance to Margo.? The two retired garda on this trailer speak of a politicans phone call that impeded the arrest of the prime suspect. This is an absolute disgrace , the brass neck of it. This isnt the first time these retired officers have raised a red flag and despite the battering An Garda get its heartening to see integrity and guts from these two garda.

    1. anne flynn

      Why not question and charge the politician who made the phone call? Conspiracy to obstruct the truth!

  9. Fair process

    A word of caution. When Phyllis Murphy was murdered years ago, “everyone knew who did it”! For years we all ‘knew’, even the gardai ‘knew’ and were simply waiting to get ‘the evidence’. One innocent man suffered greatly over many years because of this. DNA evidence was eventually found and proved us all wrong. The actual killer was someone who was walking freely among us all the time. Many of you seem to have information about the Mary Boyle case that is not in the public domain. I do not. I can only rely on what journalists have written over the years. Much of this is contradictory and very, very unreliable. Just because a newspaper prints something does not make it factual. Also, I have no difficulty believing that a politician ‘put in a phone call’ in this case. Forty years ago politicians thought that was their duty as well as their right. And many of us turned to our local representatives when we felt we were being unfairly treated. The standard response was ‘a phone call’….whether or not it might achieve anything! What I cannot believe is that successive teams of investigators are still going along with anything he might have asked or directed. And finally, just because ‘no one else can be found’ is not enough reason to arrest and charge the last person ‘known’ to have seen a victim. Sometimes the last ‘known’ person to have seen a victim is indeed the last person to see him/her….but not always! This is a terrible tragedy for the family. I hope they can find peace someday soon.

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