You May Like This: We Come in Pieces



We Come in PiecesLimrock math trio in final gig of the year tonight

What you may need to know…

01. Math-punk three-piece We Come in Pieces have traipsed around the continent a few times over the course of their six years of existence.

02. Garnering attention for 2010’s full length Before the Chains and steadily touring for 2012’s Land of the Living, the band has been back in studio, finishing their third full-length.

03. Streaming above is the video for 2012’s single release, Sexy Rouge.

04. Catch them tonight in Limerick, in their last gig of the year, with local lads Cruiser and Cassavetes in support. Dolan’s, 9pm.

Verdict: A staple component of Limerick music at this point, this upcoming record of theirs ought to be a treat.

We Come in Pieces

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