You May Like This: No Spill Blood



No Spill Bloodhefty Dublin/Cork space-noises

What you may need to know…

01. At last, an excuse to talk about Dublin synth-heft power-trio No Spill Blood.

02. Coming together initially as a side-project to Adebisi Shank, and featuring members of Elk and Magic Pockets, they’ve become more than a going concern in their own right, with second album Heavy Electricity releasing in March of last year, via US label Sargent House.

03. Streaming above is the aforementioned long-player, available to stream, download and purchase on CD and vinyl.

04. Playing Dublin next on December 9th at the Retro Revival Indie Club at the Grand Social. Support from Crowhammer. Tickets €8, more info available here.

Verdict: Equally heavy and spacey, the band have lurched into the forefront of Irish independent music.

No Spill Blood