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Tom Moylan writes:

Ruhama, a Dublin-based NGO, does on the ground outreach to victims of prostitution and other commercial forms of sexual exploitation.

They have made a video where they share the dream jobs of women accessing their services – business graduate, furniture restorer, baker… If their video gets enough votes they’ll win an extra €1,000 in funding.

If you have 10 seconds please vote for it here


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29 thoughts on “Your Vote Counts

  1. Rob_G

    Ruhama: brought to you by the same people who brought us hits such as the Magdalene laundries; I have no doubt that they have the best interests of women at heart…

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    What Dublin bar has a well known theatre upstairs and a pole dancing (with extras) club downstairs where women are exploited? Would love to know how our theatre lovies can live with this little known secret.

  3. Neilo

    Scientology offers first aid support at scenes of natural disasters. Are suffering people now to refuse help because the emergency teams are a bunch of weirdo-beardoes?

    1. Bob

      Depends on the reason for their charity. Are they being altruistic, or are they furthering their own cause at the expense of the victims they claim to protect?

      1. Neilo

        In the case of Scientology, a mix of both I’d imagine, and I doubt the mackerel snappers would be much different.

  4. Neilo

    Not at all, Repro Man, just musing on what level of support can be accepted from people with odd beliefs. Peter McVerry is a Catholic priest and yet he resides atop the progressive pantheon.

    1. ReproBertie

      Purely tongue in cheek Neilo. It’s all fairytales anyway so I certainly wouldn’t allow someone’s beliefs deter me from taking aid as long as those beliefs didn’t have a direct impact on the aid (e.g. Jehovah Witnesses and blood transfusions).

    2. Cot

      I despise the Catholic Church. It’s a disgusting organization. But, in fairness, McVerry is a good man, not judgmental, very progressive, leaks stuff to the media concerning corruption in the Catholic Church, etc.

  5. Kolmo

    “if their video gets over a 1000 votes, they’ll win and extra 1000 euro in funding” – is it not a bit undignified to have traumatised people hustling for popularity votes, like some reality tv desperado?

  6. RuilleBuille

    Ruhama are run by the Good Shepherd Sisters and the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity who ran the Magdalene Laundries for decades.

    What is this obsession with sex?

  7. Neilo

    ‘It is natural, it is good, not everybody does it, but everybody should’ said legendary Greek philosopher Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou. Words to live by.

  8. Donker

    Any exploitation, trafficking or kidnapping cases can and should be handled by the law without banning activity between consenting adults.
    We can’t ban our way to a brighter future.

  9. Lady GArden-GArden

    Sex workers have rights to pursue their trade with their skills, be they women or men. Importing this “sex-trafficking” BS into the argument here is using real human misery to further oppress women. It’s a different issue.

    Ruhama are reactionary religio-feminazis with their own agenda, always helped out by the usual Labour suspects in the Irish Times and the current affairs and news team in RTE. Avoid.

    Just like drugs, prostitution should be legal and taxable in Ireland. STOP OPPRESSING WOMEN!

  10. scottser

    no more different than addiction programmes run by religious organisations: they take away your pain killer, force you to confess your ‘sin’ then fill the void inside you with religion. sure what could possibly go wrong?

  11. Turgenev

    Frank Duff and his trusty Legionnaires of Mary cleared prostitutes out of Monto in the 1920s, but according to my (foamingly anti-Catholic) source, they did it by getting the women training in other jobs and helping them to get employment, and actually helped a lot of women.
    Busybody nuns = bad news, normally, but not always.

  12. Truth in the News

    Ruhama the sexed up version of the Legion of Mary, run by elderly spinsters, who imagine that they
    will abolish prostitution, this ill fated dream has been a virus that’s embedded in minds of some
    of the Religious Orders subscribing to the Catholic Church in Ireland, who appear to have developed mental amnesia to what they inflicted on Children, Women and indeed Men, that political parties would give them credence is beyond belief, prostitution has been around since the beginning of civilianisation and Ruhama’s attemps will only make it worse than better.

  13. Walls

    If you wish to change Ruhama, then change it, don’t just insist people don’t support it. It is an agency dedicated to concrete help and support of women who wish to leave prostitution, and there are almost no other agencies there to help. If you stop people supporting Ruhama, there is very little else for women out there.

    I despise the Catholic Church, and think every other decent person should as well. But this agency supports women, really does show up and do the work to help them; goes to court with them, gets them education if they want it, goes out at night to likely sites to see if they are okay. They put themselves out there to help them. If you want to help, then help, don’t shut down others who help who you don’t like.

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