Immodest Proposal




There’s a woman near and around my sprouts.

This morning.

Henry Street, Dublin 1

A nearly naked Peta volunteer calls on people to extend the “spirit of holiday kindness” and “try to relate to what’s on your plate”.

PETA Director Elisa Allen. said:

“Thanks to the array of mock meats available, it’s easier than ever to enjoy a festive meal packed with all the flavour but none of the cruelty of meat.”

It certainly makes you tNOMNOMNOM



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36 thoughts on “Immodest Proposal

  1. eric cartman

    what a bunch of clowns. I would have come out and thrown rashers at her, were I in dublin today.

    1. martco

      Jesus no!

      rule #1 never ever waste good bacon for any reason (especially one like that…unless of course you were thinking about draping them over her before she goes in the oven, that’s fine and I’d recommend a nice hickory smoked in that case, try get proper unmolested ones with the proper rind still attached, yum)

  2. Scundered

    This must surely be down to either:

    1. Intern art director.
    2. Client insisting they use the bosses “great idea”.


    1. ahjayzis

      My ex housemate used to work for them. The NIGHTMARE tales she’d tell.

      She was a vegetarian but had to pretend she was vegan. Tonnes of office politics, awful, awful slave pay.

  3. Rob_G

    That particular tableau would only make sense if we were planning to eat other people for Christmas dinner.

  4. DubLoony

    I am an omnivore, my teeth evolved over millenia, as have all humans to eat a variety of foods including fruit, veg, nuts and meat.

    I fully appreciate local farmers who tend their animals, slaughter them humanely, treat carcass with highest quality standards and butcher who carve them up into neat little bundles of edible joy for a family feast at Christmas.

    1. John

      Slaughter humanely…..

      There is no such thing.

      Look at the videos on YouTube of what occurs in slaughterhouses, perhaps link a video demonstrating humane slaughter.

      Somehow I reckon your time will be wasted.

      1. AlisonT

        Look at what happens in nature. Almost no animal dies a nice death in the wild. Once they slow down they are eaten alive. Which is better, a slaughterhouse or being pulled apart alive by wolves.

        1. Joe Small

          “Don’t kid yourself, Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about!”

      2. Gers

        In case you had not noticed, animals have no idea about death. Its the one thing that makes us different than animals. The problem is not with the animal feelings (inexistant for death) but with us solely.

        1. anne

          Animals have a central nervous system and feel for the feelings, they have those too.
          Even mice have a sense of humour apparently.

  5. Boy M5

    PETA are just angry types who love being angry, the only emotion they know.

    if it wasn’t animal rights, it would be something else.

    Difficult abrasive people who don’t get on with other humans.

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    The cruelty of meat? Animal flesh has been feeding people for eons. I fully respect herbivores and vegetarians and vegans in our world but I don’t respect campaigning for carnivores to follow that lifestyle. Look at the animal kingdom; the brutality of hunting prey keeps the balance of nature. Breeding livestock is part of the human food chain, like it or not.

    1. Anomanomanom

      I agree, but iv never seen a lion round up zebra and the breed them in horrific conditions. Saying that il still be eating meat.

  7. Niallo

    I’ll respect your right to eat what you want as long as you reapect my right to not have to listen to your nonsense about what I shouldnt eat.
    do insist on that and i’ll eat you for being rude, or free range rude if you like, or even if you dont.
    I despise tge notion of testing on animals and the mechanisation of meat production, but where do you draw the line if at all ? its all just semantics, a steak from a steer that’s never seen the light of day, is just as good as a steak from a lovely green field.
    In the end, both cows and I will be wormfood.
    Knew a lad who was into all that peta stuff, I happen to know he had a weakness for maccy d’s, might shop him for the craic.

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