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Looking for stocking fillers that won’t empty your pockets.

Read on.

Charmaine Kenny, of The Irish Workshop, online home of Irish crafts and whatnottery, writes:

Two weeks to go folks! Here are some Irish-made gifts that you’re unlikely to find on the high street, and that might just surprise and delight on Christmas morning… All of these items are available on The Irish Workshop, and will make it on time for Christmas.


1. Turf Fire Candle €16.50

The comforting smell of a real turf fire is magically captured in a scented candle by Belfast’s Bearded Candle Maker. This is a perfect little gift for people who don’t have a solid fuel fireplace. Oh and they have a ‘Midnight Mass’ scented candle too.


2. Rustic Fern Scarf €25

Foxford Woollen Mills are well known for their high-quality and cosy blankets and rugs, but they have a wonderful collection of scarves that are just as high-quality and cosy. There are 10+ designs to choose from.


3. Illustrated Map of Your Home Town €25

Illustrator Richard E Dalton has 25+ towns in his repertoire of town maps including Navan, Naas, Enniskillen, Westport and Dundalk. A particularly nice gift for the returning emigrant.


Pippablue have a series of sewing kits for crafty children and adults alike. Mr. Pocket is our favorite. He can be made by hand, or using a sewing machine. And we love that his body is made from Irish tweed from Tipperary.


5. Love is in the Éire Print €20

Super cute. Super clever.

The Irish Workshop

irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers. No FEE!

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