Des Cahill (above) and the cast of RTÉ’s Dancing with the Stars (top) from left: Des Bishop, Aidan O’Mahony, Denise McCormack; Des Cahill, Katherine Lynch, Dayl Cronin, Aobhinn  Garrihy, Dr Eve Orsmond, Thalia Heffernan, Hughie Maughan and Teresa Mannion

When asked if considers himself Ireland’s answer to Strictly star Ed Balls – who proved to be an unlikely hit with viewers after appearing on the BBC show – Cahill said he does, except he’s even older than 49-year-old Labour politician.

Des said: “It would [be a fair comparison] except I’m ten years older than Ed Balls. He was the fat old guy and I’m ten years older.”

*Kicks telly*

RTE Dancing With The Stars contestant Des Cahill says he could be Ireland’s answer to Ed Balls (The irish Mirror)

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15 thoughts on “New Balls

  1. ReproBertie

    Do we still have the predictions on contestants from when this was announced? How close were people to the actual line up? Is Katherine Thomas presenting?

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    Is there nothing RTÉ won’t rip off from British TV and is there no depths these Z listers will sink to for another 15 minutes of fame?

  3. Bingo

    Are all male fashion/model/celeb photo shoots about adjusting a part of their attire?
    “Oh, you caught me there…just fixing this bloody cufflink”

    Is this a trend?
    Was it always this way?

    I’m thinking this is a five year old trend…therefore needs updating.

    But then again, I know f*ck all about fashion.

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