‘Appalled, Dumbfounded, Outraged And Livid’



A letter of complaint sent by Senator Aodhán Ó Ríordáin to RTÉ last night.

Following that Claire Byrne Live show concerning refugees crossing the Mediterranean.

Earlier: A Rigorous Screening Process

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103 thoughts on “‘Appalled, Dumbfounded, Outraged And Livid’

    1. backomebollix

      rendering the rest of his points invalid? Or was that just the easiest one for you to deal with?

          1. Wait For It

            You really are an unbelievable troll,aren’t you?Pretend they’re clumps of undifferentiated,unviable cells in a woman’s uterus,maybe then you’ll find some compassion.

      1. Topsy

        What points. You may not like it but it’s called ‘freedom of speech’ People have s right to disagree with the whinging liberal lefties. Australia was right in it’s approach. Turn them back and that will stem the tide.

        1. ReproBertie

          Just as people have a right to disagree with the fearmongering racist right when they try to paint people fleeing war as an army of raping infiltrators intent on enforcing Sharia law in Europe.

          1. ReproBertie

            Well when they make racist comments it’s a handy card to have. Maybe Islamophobic would be more accurate.

            There is no invasion of Europe outside of the pages of the Daily Mail.

          2. Hans Landa

            The Muslim invasion isn’t happening? Have you been to Europe in the the last 40yrs??! Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, UK etc etc are overrun with people who have refused to integrate and assimilate with their host culture. I for one wouldn’t want to see parts of this country turn into a Bradford or Birmingham. Multiculturalism has failed. Shouting ‘racist’ at anyone who thinks they like things the way they are will only push them further and further to the right.

          3. ReproBertie

            None of Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden or the UK have been “overrun” by Muslims or, as you’d have it, “people who have refused to integrate and assimilate with their host culture”. That’s just more right wing fearmongering.

          4. ReproBertie

            The right wing fearmongering is already here so there’s no “coming to a place near u” involved. Sadly RTÉ gave a platform to the doom sayers and the fear merchants instead of getting people who actually know what they are talking about on to dispel the bull. Of course we’re living in the post-truth era where nobody wants to hear experts when there are confident idiots spouting dúirt bean liom go ndúirt bean léi rumours as fact so it’s only to be expected that RTÉ would follow that trend.

          1. Ross

            just because people overestimate it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Frances population of Muslims going from 7.5 to 8.3 percent of population is huge in four years. That’s more than a 10% increase you complete idiot.

    2. SomeChump

      It’s funny when racist people talk about the “racist card” when confronted with their own evident racism as thought it is impossible to be racist and they can never be challenged on it. Actually not funny, sickening.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        You can almost see the little jumble of defending replies dance around in their transparent minds.

  1. Harry Molloy

    I don’t agree with o’doherty on much (he has good points but goes in bad directions) but I don’t agree with silencing opposing views which some who would see themselves as liberal are all too quick to do

    1. Bob

      He’s not talking about silencing anyone. He’s complaining that, in order to gain ratings, the show got on people they knew would be over the top.

    2. Yeah, Ok

      I agree with what you’re saying.

      “No-platforming” as a concept is a dangerous thing.
      It’s mad how the left has come full circle like this and is censoring people willy nilly and trying to claim the high moral ground as they do so.

      However, the definition of “balance” as enforced by RTE is outrageous. The Iona Institute being permanent fixtures on a number of topics is a case in point.

      1. SomeChump

        Most people don’t get invited on so it’s not censorship to refuse to invite on an extreme racist who is starting a political party of which he seems to be the only member. There isn’t even a party yet, let alone any indication that he has any support.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          It seems that “Christians Concerned for Ireland” have branched out from their little Dun Laoghaire enclave and the National Party? Yeah, well the less said about that bunch of little hitlers the better.

          It’s embarassing that 2 tiny niche groups consisting of a handful of racist, sectarian crackpots get a hearing on national television in the name of “balance”

      2. paul g

        RTE is overtly PC on every issue , anyone who has a problem with RTE when it comes to inviting a right of centre view must have serious tollerance issues

        RTE is in the majority of cases a circle jerk of right on do gooders , parroting each other

        as for this ” no platform ” stuff , utterly fascist

          1. paul g

            entirely subjective , i find aoidain o riordain to be ” full of it ” on almost everything , its only my opinion of course and i would not dare suggest he be denied a platform , take his attitude towards travellers and the drive for ethnic recognition as one example

    3. Starina

      so when rte was promoting the anti-equality arguments way more than the Yes vote during the referendum, you were upset about that imbalance too, i hope?

        1. Delacaravanio

          Sure even the anti gay marriage crowd weren’t anti gay marriage. All they cared about was surrogacy.

        2. ahjayzis

          Sean O’Rourke having a debate on fupping surrogacy the week of referendum was fairly damning.

          It had been completely thrown out by every reputable agency and the referendum commission well before that stage. O’Rourke’s colours were firmly nailed to the mast – he was conveniently on holidays the first show after the result.

      1. SomeChump

        There’s no right to be able to express your opinion on telly. Most people can’t get on TV. Racists can.

      2. paul g

        is that some kind of joke ?

        RTE ( and the entire media ) were fully behind the marriage equality campaign

    4. classter

      RTE had to choose who to have on the show.

      Deciding not to interview a controversialist on a sensitive topic does not amount to ‘silencing’ them

      1. Harry Molloy

        fair enough, silencing may not be the right word, but I don’t think we can complain too much about his opinion being asked

  2. CousinJack

    Labour – still out of touch with the people – gone next election
    These pro immingation views may fly with the urban liberal elite, but don’t represent working class people.
    MAGA is coming to a democracy near U

    1. Starina

      so you’re saying the Irish working class are are dumb and afraid of stranger danger? this isn’t the States.

  3. bisted

    …Dear Outraged of Dublin Bay North…the most divisive issue in Ireland ever is not migration…it is the issue of water charges and the molding of a utility for privatisation that you and your party were (and continue) to be the champions of…that you still refuse to acknowledge this will hopefully lead to your total obliteration in the next election…good riddance…

    1. Vote Rep #1

      You’re correct. Whether to pay a small tax or not is vastly more important than the life and death situation of people fleeing war zones.

        1. Vote Rep #1

          Not sure of the relevance but good for them seeing as I’d imagine more people voted for FG who brought in the IW. Regardless, I guess those view helping the lives of those how are in awful positions as being more important than being slightly put out.

          Its telling that you view having a couple more quid in your wallet at the end of the year as being more important. Merry Christmas.

  4. Mike Baldwin

    Whatever about political points scoring and who brought in IW, the questions raised were around immigration policy effectiveness and cultural integration. BBCs ‘Hardtalk’ had an interesting interview with a senior representative of the UNHCR who himself made a point that chimed with Doherty’s ‘reward bad behaviour’ stance, in that smugglers were losing business when previously a perilously overladen trafficking vessel had to travel 500 miles in open sea before reaching land whereas now they’re being picked up 10/12 miles off the coast by European naval vessels. Business is booming. Whatever one’s position on causality, this policy, whilst necessary is fuelling the trade.

    1. SomeChump

      Do a Google image search for “Aleppo” and have a good hard look, then image it happened where you live.

  5. Mike Baldwin

    As for a cultural chasm or at best ‘misalignment’? One would be blindly obdurate to conclude anything to the contrary…trying to analyse this issue in a binary manner leads to this dead-end entrenchment

  6. steve knievel

    Aodhan who wanted the seanad abolished will do anything to get publicity. was he elected as the senator for dublin bay north? no he wasnt.

  7. Diddy

    Student union politics from out of touch aodhan. The same student union politics that lost him his seat. It’s remote its idealistic and its out of touch with voters not just here but worldwide.

    These snowflakes to use the 2016 vernacular just don’t get it. People have far more on their plate trying to save their own skins without worrying about the pox going on in Africa and the Middle East. But hey let’s not offend anyone !!

    Take a hike aodhan I’ve a living to make and the modern world is no picnic

    1. The Real Jane

      Your compassionate and outward thinking sentiments do you great credit.

      Why indeed should you be tied down and forced to listen to wailing lefties money about so-called people being killed or whatever when you have a living to make like a decent person. At least you get paid to comment here so there’s a reason to do it.

      1. Pornograffiti

        I’m in agreement with Real Jane but find her violent reference to tying belligerent commentators down strangely compelling but also an unnecessary microaggression

  8. Protectthe8th

    Typical. “If you don’t agree with my opinion you should be shut out and ignored”.

    The National have every right to voice their concerns.

    1. ahjayzis

      No one said they didn’t.

      They have as much a right as you or I do – point being we don’t get our 15 minutes addressing the entire nation for free but fascists do a wet week after forming a party.

      1. Protectthe8th

        You have RTE, every TV personality, the Late Late Show & every newspaper column promoting your liberal ideology. I mean look at the free press the ‘repeal’ lot are getting compared to Pro-Lifers.

        Despite what your liberal mind frame thinks The National are speaking for the concerns of many people in this country and have every right for 15 minutes.

  9. Dolores Delorean

    Do we need someone to drive a truck through the crowds in Dublin or Cork or some other Irish town before people are allowed express their genuine concerns about the ‘do gooder’ liberal agenda

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