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Red Flag offices on Ely Place, Dublin 2; Denis O’Brien; Karl Brophy, of Red Flag

You may recall Denis O’Brien’s action against communications company Red Flag Consultancy – claiming the group was involved in a conspiracy against him.

Further to this…

The Irish Times reports:

Denis O’Brien has failed to get court orders directing Red Flag Consulting to disclose documents that would reveal the identity of its client for a dossier of material about the businessman.

…The dossier, which Mr O’Brien said arrived at his Dublin offices in October 2015 on a USB memory stick contained in an unstamped envelope, includes some 80 media reports and other material, including a document entitled: “Who is Denis O’Brien?” and “The Moriarty Tribunal Explainer”.

However, Mr O’Brien was entitled to documents relating to communications between Red Flag and its client concerning the dossier with the client’s name redacted, the judge ruled. Such documents were likely to reveal the nature of the relationship between Red Flag and its client and were relevant because Red Flag’s motivation in preparing the dossier was an issue.



Mark Tighe tweetz:

Par 34 of High Court ruling in Denis O’Brien vs Red Flag says O’Brien needed to provide more evidence about how he got USB stick.

Denis O’Brien fails to get orders identifying Red Flag’s client for dossier (The Irish Times)

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  1. anne

    How is he entitled to documents from red flag when he can’t be honest about how he got his information?

  2. Daddy

    He must expend most of his energy in court battles. Leaves little else for actual work or life in general.

    1. thecitizenatbarneys

      For the same reason Red Acted holds a half pint of Harp in his cheeks all the time.

      Id est: He doesn’t

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