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Simon Judge tweetz:

Sick and tired of near misses from reckless taxi drivers in #Dublin – this guy came within a whisker of hitting me on Nassau St then got super aggressive when I called him on it at the next red light.



Free the lanes.


Louis Le Fronde writes:

Having nearly been run off the run road more than a few times in the last week in the annual wacky races engaged in by Dublin taxi drivers. Perhaps it’s time to standardise the city’s taxis and put a few of the Christmas part-time cowboys out of business. Above is a series of images of Milan’s concept taxi designed by Volkswagen…


Pics: Volkswagon

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A convoy of cabs in the Phoenix Park, Dublin heading fora city centre protest this afternoon .

The demonstration is in response to proposed changes to fare structures that will see fares rise by an average of 4%.

The National Transport Authority will also change the number of pricing bands and drivers say “the cost of re-calibrating and re-sealing their meters – up to €250 – is not worth the increase in fares”.

As they’ll tell you yourself if you ask them.

(Sam Boal/Photocall ireland)

What you’ll be hearing from your taxi driver this weekend.

Taxis at Dublin Airport have suspended services at the terminal buildings. It is a dispute with the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA). Drivers who hold permits to pick up passengers at the terminals have stopped operating this afternoon.

…The Irish Taxi Drivers Federation say spaces for their taxi cabs is the main issue. A spokesman says he understands their spaces are to be used for DAA staff spaces.

Taxi Service Disruption At Dublin Airport (Newstalk.ie)

(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)