Free At 6.20pm?


Sports journalist and early Pat Hickey nemesis Paul Kimmage will be joining Matt Cooper on Today FM after 6.30pm.


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As part of the First Fortnight festival…

“Paul Kimmage… will join us at First Fortnight for a very special Banter In Conversation event to talk about his life as a professional cyclist, his career as a sportswriter,the mental stresses and strains that occur in sport and how sportspeople deal with these. The interview will be conducted by Banter’s Jim Carroll.

At the Workman’s Club in Dublin, on Tuesday, January 10, at 7pm…

Tickets here


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7 thoughts on “Free At 6.20pm?

    1. Donger

      I do enjoy listening to some of his straight talking when it comes to drug use in cycling. He was adamant about team sky from day 1, even when David Walsh had been blinded. It turns out he was right.
      He is extremely thin skinned though. Needs to lighten up a tad

      1. Mourning Ireland

        Nah. Only people who are paid by Rupert Murdoch and Denis O’Brien. Overweight Kimmage qualified by 2.

  1. steve knievel

    Paul has a bit of a blindspot over that tyrone footballer. he is actually quite painful to listen to.

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