19 thoughts on “Look Jack, I’m Flying

  1. Daddy

    We can’t keep accommodating the idiots. People just need to be less stupid. Maybe lots of signs saying “Don’t be stupid and pay attention” would be a good idea.

    There’s too much designing for idiocy going on.

    1. Mr. Camomile T

      Tram tracks are a genuine hazard to cyclists of all abilities. The design solution for making the tracks safer for cyclists should have been conceived before the tracks were put in place, not during or after. This includes the period of construction, which is a substantial length of time. The current road layout around College Green, Westmoreland Street, O’Connell Bridge, and O’Connell Street is a dangerous gauntlet for cyclists, and has led to many cyclists avoiding the area completely. Calling the victims of this poor design “idiots” displays a lack of understanding of the problems and lets the real perpetrators, the designers, off the hook.

      1. Brother Barnabas


        I’d go further and say that cycling in town, in general, is a pretty perilous activity, and many who otherwise cycle very regularly avoid doing so in town (me included). it’s simply dangerous.

          1. Brother Barnabas


            I’m saying that Dublin city centre isn’t a pleasant or safe place to cycle*, and these new obstacles have made it even less so

            *I accept though that I’m a keen but cowardly cyclist

          2. mamma roma

            why don’t you just say combining instead of conflating? you still come across as a pompous twat, not matter how erudite you think you are.

      2. Cian

        Is there a ‘design’ solution to make tram tracks safe for cyclists?

        My understanding is that the rails need to have that shape for them to work. So you need to have a groove about the size of a bicycle wheel along the road if you have tram tracks.

  2. Protectthe8th

    No doubt the cyclists will claim the Luas tracks are a cycle lane. Such an entitled bunch. Come back when you’re actually paying for the roads you’re cycling on.

    1. Nessy

      Anyone who pays tax in Ireland is paying for the roads ye gobshite.

      No doubt you’re one of the many motorists who claim cycle tracks are parking spaces. Such an entitled bunch…

  3. Rugbyfan

    now if they could only.

    understand that red means stop
    cycle lanes are not contra flow
    lights are useful

  4. RockyRoader

    The tracks under construction are the worst hazards, with inconsistent road widths and barriers.
    I fell foul of poorly thought-out layout the other week and broke my shoulder off the bike.
    The next day, the barriers had been moved, and they’ve been really well tidied up since.
    I only noticed some very weak warning signs at pedestrian crossing spots while on foot. These ones look a bit more suitable and are well past due.

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