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REPLETEKilkenny electronica

What you may need to know…

01. Replete is Kilkenny-based electronic composer Peter Lawlor, releasing material through American techno label Always Human.

02. Having been on the scene in some capacity or other for a few years now (your writer seems to remember streaming some old stuff on ye olde, it comes as a surprise that his first physical release only occurred recently, compiling some older material with an EP’s worth of fresh kill.

03. The (fairly amusingly-monikered) Zizek at the Discotheque is streaming now from Always Human Tapes’ Bandcamp page, premiering this week on The Thin Air.

04. As the label’s name might suggest, it’s available for download and purchase (plus shipping from the States!) on cassette.

Thoughts: No-nonsense beats and pieces from a consistent producer who’ll hopefully finally get his dues in 2017.


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14 thoughts on “You May Like This: REPLETE

  1. Tony

    I found it drab and unimaginative even for ‘experimental electronica’ but sure everyone to their own. Also ‘your writer’? Come on now Michael

  2. Nigel

    Honestly find most strains of electronic music indistinguishable but this was relaxing and chill and fairly pleasant.


    Soslong as that brass sampe has been cleared for use from that episode of Ironside its allgood

  4. JC27

    I’ve had ‘Wait for You’ by Replete on my phone for years and will check this release out, hope this guy continues his rise.

  5. Edward

    Replete has many a string to his bow sound , more abstract layered hip hop in past, had him support an act in that vein few years back (kelpe) , kudos for taking on a different direction when could’ve not, digging it

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