Free At 11am?



A new banner on Apollo House this morning.

Further to eight residents returning to Apollo House yesterday because the accommodation offered to them by Dublin City Council was unsuitable to their needs.

Causing a collapse in the agreement reached between the Home Sweet Home campaigners and Minister for Housing Simon Coveney…

Home Sweet Home writes:

“At 10.30am this morning, the Home Sweet Home legal team are going into the High Court to seek an extension to the stay placed by Judge Gilligan on his order to vacate Apollo House on January 11. The stay is due to expire today, January 11, at midday.

“Despite great efforts by the Home Sweet Home collective and, despite assurances given by Minister [for Housing] Simon Coveney at recent negotiations, it has not been possible to secure adequate alternative accommodation catering for the short and long-term needs of the residents of Apollo House.

“It is imperative therefore to seek an extension to the stay until safe and adequate alternative accommodation is secured for the residents of Apollo House.

“It may be necessary as part of the application to Judge Gilligan to join Minister Coveney to the proceedings.

Apollo House and Home Sweet Home campaigners are calling on public support to join them outside Apollo House from 11am today, Wednesday, January 11, as they defend the gains of this campaign and the basic right to a home.”

Home Sweet Home


One Home Sweet Home supporter sings a song ahead of today’s proceedings…

Via Justin McCarthy

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Apollo House at 11.14am.

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15 thoughts on “Free At 11am?

  1. 15p

    to house every homeless person is a big ask is it not? like really unrealistic? why don’t the gov. buy apollo house and make it affordable student accom., and then make apartment blocks for homeless. a house each is a bit much of an ask, but apartments would be good. like if they all got a house i think people who are workin their bums off to live in a rubbish 1 bed apt. in the suburbs would feel a bit hard done by.

  2. Patrick Bateman

    Sorry, not around. Have a job I go to where I earn money so I can pay to put a roof over my head.

  3. Andrew

    This ‘Homeless Crisis’ is a myth. These wasters want free houses, no questions asked and don’t want to pay for anything.
    No I’m not free at 11 as I have to work. Like so many others. People have come from the other side of the world with little or no English and have found jobs here. Most of these scroungers haven’t bothered to find a job on their own door step. It’s always someone else’s fault.
    Stop indulging these selfish, abusive arrogant parasites.

    1. 15p

      thats true of some people, no doubt. but not all of em. there are many issues that result in people becoming homeless and unable to work. its quite complex, but ur summation is only applicable to some.

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