This afternoon.

On Tara Street, Dublin 2.

Dublin Live tweetz:

Drivers passing by #ApolloHouse are being asked to #HonkForTheHomeless


Free at 8pm?

Earlier: Chain Reaction

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35 thoughts on “*Honk*

  1. Andrew

    Total nonsense. The whole thing is a myth. There is NO homlessness ‘crisis’ in Dublin. ASusual virtue signallers being duped by the likes of Brendan Ogle.

    1. Anomanomanom

      Of course your trolling but your half right. Ogle is in it for himself like everyone else from Hsh that feels the need to get their face time with the tv, celebs and minister

      1. Taanbuaagam

        Your half right she said as she dug her nasty
        little pointy heel into the vagrants groin area. As a homeless person you only have half the right of a normal person.

    2. Martco

      no no Simon…would u ever stop posting nonsense on sites like BS ffs you’re supposed to leave the trolling to the young wans @FG hq

      you have much better things to be doing with your time. much better things.

      1. Andrew

        Not trolling and I’m not a party activist. The homelessness industry know the truth.
        What has happened this country with regard to property and the re-inflation of a devastating bubble is outrageous and I hold both Fine Gael and Fianna Fail responsible.for this.Labour also are responsible but in a different way.
        It does not take away from that fact that this is a manufactured stunt designed to advance political aims.

          1. Andrew

            You’ve a lot of time on your hands Nigel and just because you think in a simplistic way, it doesn’t mean everyone does.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Andrew, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s utter nonsense to say we haven’t got a housing crisis in this country. There is a real issue with affordable housing, never mind the rental markets, and it is contributing to a situation where there are families being made homeless. The government have been shamefully slow to react to something that has been building for at least two years or more, and will continue to worsen before any measures taken by the State begin to be effective.

          1. Andrew

            There is a manaufactured housing crisis yes, with rents and property falsely inflated and it has been the case for a long time. However this is very different from there being a ‘Homelessness’ crisis.
            I rent and I pay too much rent. I want a three bed house with a garden. Am I homeless because the government won’t give me one?

          2. edalicious

            As the housing supply gets low, people at the bottom of the ladder get knocked off and become homeless. Housing crises and homelessness crises are inextricably linked and it’s astonishing that you don’t realise that.

          3. Nigel

            I’m not sure how homelessness because of inflated rents and house prices make anyone less homeless than otherwise. Since I doubt anyone would disagree that inflated house and rent prices are a significant contributory factor to the crisis, and people are generally very angry about it, I guess I’m just a bit uneasy about what you mean by ‘manufactured’ in this context.

        2. Martco

          I’m trying hard here. Is your problem Ogle? On that score I imagine a lot of people agree. I don’t trust him either (per not that distant history) and I’m not 100% sure why he’s been allowed to get airtime save that someone felt a weapon every bit as useful was needed to make Coveney sit up and pay attention.
          For me Apollo House is much wider than rough sleepers (but if nothing else it’s exposed the fakery that was produced in court by DCC regarding a provision for those fellow humans who need our help) we are long over the line now regarding what’s fair affordable housing for those Noonan hasn’t taken care of!
          Working poor and getting poorer by the day and it won’t be long until YOU know someone directly who can’t afford to house themselves anymore. Because that’s what Noonan setup permits. And it has to be exposed and stopped. If there’s blood on the streets and laws are broken so be it, this is a chance to resist a deliberately designed & unfair system.
          That’s my tuppence.

        3. Taanbuaagam

          God love us and save us and protect us from these cocky stuntmen and their impossibly gorgeous windswept comrades

  2. Jonjo

    Are they going to refuse to leave now? When the Guards come to carry out any court orders to remove the trespassers are the ‘occupiers’ going to push back while shouting peaceful protest?

    I’m glad they’ve brought this to the fore but what is refusing to leave now going to achieve? The judge could have demanded they leave in December.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It will keep a roof over the heads of the occupants. We’re about to have some extremely cold weather so what point does it serve to put people out on the streets all day and then offer them a mat on a floor with 25 others when there’s decent, safe accommodation to be had in a previously unused building.

      The judge could have demanded they left in December, but do you honestly think they wouldn’t have? This is going to be a long term protest, regardless of court orders. It’s not like the building is due to be knocked tomorrow!

  3. Daddy

    Andrew. There is 1000s of homeless families on the official list. There is a crisis. So stop peddling the Fine Gael “Hate the Poor” mantra.

      1. Murtles

        So you’re saying Andrew that those hundreds of people sleeping in the doorways and alleyways of Dublin and major cities every night are actors? Nice, Golden Globes here they come.

      2. mildred st. meadowlark

        Do you lack the ability, then, to differentiate between a homeless ‘waster’ and someone who, for example, lost their home because of being wrongfully denied a tracker mortgage, or someone who was evicted so their landlord could increase the rent?

        1. Martco

          here’s the thing though…differentiating and all that…unless you own your home outright you’re barely a biscuit away from not being able to house yourself in the design Noonan advocates….a job loss / an illness + couple of missed payments = game over as the bank is in the driving seat and you’re fupped.

          what’s to stop BOI for example sending your oul tracker off to some vehicle and you get a letter in the post or a text/email??

          1. Martco

            depends on how u view what “performing” means, no?
            are trackers not a major hole in the loan book boat anymore or am I missing something?

            I suppose my point really here was in Noonan’s world view ultimately there’s not THAT much separating anyone with a mortgage who ends up having an issue servicing it from that family that has to live out of a hotel room – so don’t get too busy differentiating yourself because unless you own your cave outright you’re at risk.
            It creeps in and becomes normal. Look at how the Brits fell in line now accepting concepts like personal credit ratings. Won’t be long now till your worth as a person = your credit rating. I suppose you could always take a payday loan or two to keep the oul rating up etc. Fupp that.

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            That credit score thing frightens the crap out of me.
            It’s a dangerous thing, a frightened Mildred.

          3. Peter Dempsey

            Performing = within its terms and conditions; ie all repayments up to date. Are there any examples of Irish banks or banks based in Ireland selling portfolios of loans that are not impaired?

  4. Truth in the News

    What we have had in the last 7 years is the servants of the state subverting its
    institutions, stripping its assets, and selling them off, for a fraction of their worth
    throwing people out of their home’s, which you could not do to tenant farmers
    since 1881, no modern democracy can allow this to happen, or cast a blind eye
    There is little merit in a government trotting off to tell Merkel that we can take in
    thousands of distressed humanity, when we can’t look after own littered on the
    steeets of the Capital City and elsewhere.
    Apollo House has exposed political and establishment hypocrisy and what NAMA
    has done to the citizens of this State, there are good few other buildings that need
    occupying too, and NAMA HQ is one of them for a start.

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