Late Late Show presenter Ryan Tubridy interviews contestants in RTE’s Dancing with The Stars on RTE One’s Late Late Show last Friday

On the The Late Late Show last Friday, the first item consisted of an interview with participants (including RTÉ employees) in an upcoming RTÉ show, followed by an interview with another RTÉ employee.

These were followed by an interview with the presenter of another upcoming RTÉ show, and this in turn was followed by an interview with an actress in yet another RTÉ programme.

Not to be outdone, the following evening the Ray D’Arcy Show featured an interview with participants in further RTÉ programme, followed by a piece featuring another RTÉ personality.

Is public-service broadcasting now defined as RTÉ people interviewing each other ad nauseam?

David FitzGerald,
Dublin 14.


RTE chat shows (The Irish Times letters page)

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42 thoughts on “Dear RTÉ

    1. Graham F

      Yes they bloody do care. And if you were willing to do your research before commenting, you would know that Joe Duffy is at this very moment discussing the matter with Sean O’Rourke as part of his liveline radio show.

    2. Jackdaw

      Very much so. Quite often the only non RTÉ person on these programmes will be promoting their latest book. It’s deluded drivel really. It’s like those maniacs who think that Miriam O’ Callaghan actually has a chance of being President.

  1. ReproBertie

    The Late Late and the Ray D’Arcy show are not the only programmes on RTÉ so the answer to “Is public-service broadcasting now defined as RTÉ people interviewing each other ad nauseam?” is clearly “No”.

  2. Tony

    In fairness with the Late Late it’s usually: RTÉ presenter, sports person, visiting international musician or actor (every third week) family tragedy/cancer survivor, text in to win a trip to New York, local music act.

    1. ReproBertie

      And the reason the line up is so parochial (bar the international flavour every 3rd week) is that Ireland is not a market big enough to justify being a draw on the promo circuit for, as an example, actors promoting Hollywood films.

      1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

        Plus the fact that any international celeb going on Graham Norton or Jonathan Ross can be in and out on a Thursday afternoon. Going onto to LLS or RDS will mean you give up a Friday or Saturday night due to its live recording (unless you opt for the pre-recorded interview which are usually dull affairs).

      2. Tony

        Yes indeed. I find if I want to see Hollywood actors and such I look at the Graham Norton Show and everything seems OK.

        1. ReproBertie

          Clearly they shouldn’t. They could cut the LLS run in half and replace it with RDS for the other half. Saturday night could then be used for something better (not Mrs Brown’s Boys/Father Ted reruns thanks). With the money they save by halving the cost of Ryan and Ray they might even be able to afford a decent drama or selection of films.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            I miss the aul Wednesday night movie on RTE, actually. Sometimes it was something awful, but occasionally they’d pull off a gem.

          2. ReproBertie

            Wednesday night used to be “sh1te movie night” and that needs to be brought back to our screens ASAP.

        2. Tony

          But viewers round the country like a bit of oul parochial chat and local issues. The late late and darcy would be missed by a lot of people. Plus they’re cheap to make unlike drama

          1. ReproBertie

            If what you say is true then RTÉ are indeed fulfilling their public service remit by having both shows for parochial chat.

            I wasn’t suggesting doing away with them, just putting them both on Friday night LLS from, say September to March and RDS from April to August.

            Drama is indeed expensive to make and cheaper to import. Saturday night could be used to show decent foreign drama from Scandinavia, France, America, Australia, Britain or wherever, peppered with some home grown drama.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    ” Is public-service broadcasting now defined as RTÉ people interviewing each other ad nauseam? ”

    One programme does not a public-service make.

    – – – –
    As an aside….
    The BBC does this x10 and has been doing it for decades, because it has so many more talkin’ head shows for them all the talkin’ heads to appear on. They even have done it for flagship programmes similar to RTE’s TLLS.
    You could also play ‘Talkin’ Head Bingo’ across a week of viewing. You get double points, when a BBC presenter interviews another BBC presenter, a bit like all the way back when Parkinson interviewed Terry Wogan.

  4. Paddy

    April 1st 2016. I jest not. From the RTE website about the new DG
    Chair of the RTÉ Board Moya Doherty said: “The appointment of Dee Forbes stands to mark a significant moment in the development of RTÉ. Not only is this the first Director General in almost 50 years to be appointed externally, but she will also be the first female to hold the role.

    “RTÉ is at a pivotal moment, one where the future shape and financing of public service broadcasting is being re-imagined”.

    There’s not much imagination showing since then. How long will Dee Forbes last until she throws er caipín at it?

  5. Increasing Displacement

    And I get a letter in the door looking for 160 to fund this?
    I NEVER EVER watch Irish TV stations, listen to Irish news.
    I pay for TV already. I pay for internet.
    I pay for my mobile phone.

    Why should I also help pay these peoples salaries?

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