30 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

    1. petey

      i do, when I’m over.
      the times is oily, and i don’t touch the independent because i was raised right.

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    “FG fury at RTE”!?! What a laugh, and what a clear demonstration of the arrogant stubbornness which infects the whole rotten party. To use one of Mr Kenny’s favourite phrases “de peepil have spoken”. Have FG listened? No. They just betray the same people, and show their utter contempt for the common herd (as they see us). De peepil couldn’t possibly spot their outrageous scam, organize and protest, no – de meejah must have egged them on – aided by ‘the sinister fringe ‘. We must just roll over. obey our self appointed betters, and be meek and grateful for all the kicks in the balls. This bunch of bums need to be booted out of office – quickly.

    1. Happy Molloy

      I thought you thought everything in the indo was bullpoo?
      Or is this one accurate because it allows you to go off on one?

      It’s a real Daily Mail type heading “Fury as…”

  2. Otis Blue

    No surprise whatsoever to see that FG’s ‘fury’ comes from Sturmfuhrer Jim Daly. An odious creep who struggles with the sad and painful reality that his life’s ambition to be a Junior Minister for something irrelevant continues to elude him.

    Long may it do so.

  3. Anne

    Front of the Irish Times there –

    US authorities seize houses in Detroit owned by Dolores McNamara and her relatives

    The family is understood to have entered the risky Detroit property market by way of connections made through television personality and financial adviser Eddie Hobbs, who has acted as an adviser to Dolores McNamara.

    What the fupp is this wan at, at all? Could you not be putting your money into more ethical things or like maybe thinking you have enough and just give back?

    We’re talking about Vultures coming in from the U.S. and there’s our own Dolores and her kids off buying foreclosed on homes in Detroit. Wasn’t she on the dole for a while and a few people looked up her business down at the Social Welfare.. How about investing in something that’ll create jobs maybe?

    Much wants more.

    1. Taanbuaagam

      That Eddie Hobbs is another “expert” from the boom – remember him? Thousands of people lost money because of this idiot

  4. mildred st. meadowlark

    Fair play to the young lad who won the young scientist. A fantastic project, and a great way of fostering innovation in the country.

    I wish there was more of a focus on things like this for young people.

        1. Taanbuaagam

          Should yous not be on chatroulette?

          Why was your movie series discontinued Bertie? I read a few there yesterday they are quite good?

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            Thank you.
            I’m waiting for an apology from Mr Broadsheet, if that comes I’ll start again but I wouldn’t hold my breath. :)

          2. bisted

            …mmmm…I thought Bertie was wonderful…wondered what had happened…Broadsheet working public service hours…not an anti-Denis post in months…mmmm…circumstantial evidence…mmmm

          3. Frilly Keane

            I’ll tell ya wha’ happened

            He was looking for the Carrie Fisher rate per word and engaged Right2MadPayDemands to sort it, and t’was Batty Ogle himself that called for a

            One out
            All out

            Although it’s left Doctor Hearne and the other Right2 Franchise Holders have the gaff t’themselves
            Yere not bothered
            And that’s all that matters

            As long as the papers come in by midnight

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