Dear Dermot & Dave



Give Emma Doran a job.

Emma writes:

Dermot and Dave on Today Fm are moving to mid morning 9-12. They’re looking for a content creator and reporter ( Iknow, I thought of me aswell)

Emma Doran on broadsheet

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8 thoughts on “Dear Dermot & Dave

    1. Bubbles

      “I need you’re help to get a job.”
      Sweetie, you’re adorable. Now go back to school.

    1. essexhian

      Dear Dermot and Dave…..Please give Emma the job so she will be too busy to make these not-funny-at-all videos of hers!

  1. Rob_G

    (i) Shoot in landscape

    (ii) Don’t shoot against a window (“fighting the light”)

    – you are now two steps closer to social media/content creator job

  2. Bort

    This makes me sad. I think Emma is hilarious but she clearly needs a nice bit of ongoing permanent work, why else would she want to work with the black hole of humour that is Dermott & Dave. Do people still listen to them?

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