What Are They Building In There?



This morning.

Western Way, Broadstone, Dublin 7.

John Gallen writes:

I’ve been passing this building project daily for a couple of months now. Built lengthways (?) across a number of back gardens that back onto Western Way, the building has what appeares to be a tower on one end and a curved wall on the other... What could it be?

Well, this morning I spotted it’s crowning piece… a shiny Christian cross. What an odd place to build a church :) Anyone know who is moving in?

15 thoughts on “What Are They Building In There?

  1. Jonjo

    Every time I see a building site and think “Oh, they’re building something there now. Wonder what it’ll be”, it has always been a Starbucks so I’m going to say Starbucks.

  2. Bibi Baskin Robbins

    PROTECTED STRUCTURE: Permission for development at the site of Previous Scout Hall to the west of 52a Western Way, Dublin 7. (D07A FA38), incorporating the stone wall enclosing Western Way, a Protected Structure. The development will consist of change of use from a Scout Hall (disused) to a Roumanian Orthodox Church incorporating new entrance and community rooms at the eastern end, replacing the roof to the centre section and new sanctuary structure at the western end.

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