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Cormac writes:

“So my mom managed to Blu-Tack a newspaper clipping of Mrs Brown’s mug onto my passport, which was only spotted by the nice lady at the Aer Lingus boarding gate who thought it was only hilarious. I must admit… I was 100% caught out here.”

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11 thoughts on “The Mammy

  1. Murtles

    Nice one. Get your own back the next time she travels by fashioning tin foil into the shape of a handgun and discreetly place it in her hand luggage. Add small amounts of flour wrapped in cling film baggies into her coat pockets for extra lols.

  2. Holden MaGroin

    Cormac I think Bodger may have used you here. The actual reason you submitted your story was skipped over in favour of having you slagged by commenters for using the word Mom.

    Bodger say it’s ain’t so.

  3. Rob_G

    Now Cormac had a red flag next to his name on every airport security watchlist the world over:
    “This guy thinks he is ‘funny’ – detain & full-body cavity search”.

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