You May Like This: Horse



HorseCork sludge/hardcore four-piece

What you may need to know…

01. Last we heard of Cork-based hardcore outfit Horse, they were getting riled up for Lodgefest II, at the now-defunct Pine Lodge venue, late last year.

02. In the months since, the band has released a split 12″ single alongside fellow Leeside rabble-rousers Bisect. We featured that band’s side of the record not too long ago.

03. Their half of it is streaming in the widget above and available for download as a stand-alone release.

04. Next live excursion is another bus out of town, this time to Connolly’s of Leap, on February 24th, for the Leaping-ton show. Hope is Noise and Horse are joined by new lads The Liminals and, in their first Cork show in years, post-metallers Rest.

Thoughts: Having firmly settled into a new line-up, Horse’s weighty, downtuned hardcore is newly focused, and somehow even more abrasive.


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