An Irish NHS?



Free in Cork tonight?

Darragh writes:

After the misery of Christmas which saw overcrowding in Irish hospitals on a ridiculous scale, an event will be taking place in UCC [College Road, Cork] this evening [details at link below] looking at what can be done to avoid such situations in the future.

Roisin Shortall TD from the Social Democrats, will be joined by Tom O’Connor, lecturer in economics, public policy and health/social care, and Patricia O’Dwyer, public health nursing consultant, to not only identify problems, but also propose solutions, to the current nightmare of healthcare in Ireland

Building An Irish NHS, Boole 1, UCC

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9 thoughts on “An Irish NHS?

  1. Harry Molloy

    Great. Love this line “not only identify problems, but also propose solutions”. Everyone in politics should remember this.

    Hopefully they come up with the seeds of some workable solutions.

  2. Daddy

    We already had this. The regional health boards under the Department of Health.

    Remember the Department of Health?

    It still exists. But the HSE was created to wash the Government’s hands of direct responsibility for healthcare and pave the way to a private health industry.

    Michael Martin and Mary Harney are to thank for that.

  3. Daddy

    It’s not though. It’s just the usual privatisation shilling by vested interests who want to make money out of the illnesses of citizens.

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