Mick’s Tape II


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In case you missed Independents 4 Change TD Mick Wallace speaking in the Dáil on Wednesday about Nama.

A new video synopsising Mr Wallace’s points.

It follows a similar video compilation, published in January 2016, about Mr Wallace’s efforts in previous months to highlight his concerns related to Nama.

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Mick’s Tape

6 thoughts on “Mick’s Tape II

  1. Ms Star

    The best part of any Wallace coverage is the instant rush to personal insults by the very people no doubt paying the price of the vulture funds stranglehold of the Irish rental market. Forget that though, did you see the state of his hair!

  2. Bluster Combs

    I’m so conflicted. Wallace seems to be on to something, or lots of things even, he even appears to have evidence. But not a week goes by that his curly haired female doppelgänger in the Sunday Times is painting him as the devil incarnate and telling us NAMA are the good guys.

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