Apologies for the lighter than usual postage today. Unforeseen absences and whatnot. Normal service has resumed

For those interested in taking part in Broadsheet on the Telly please drop us an email [to Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Broadsheet on the Telly’] no later than this Thursday, February 9.

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9 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. seekingsusan

    Nobody commented on this, so I thought I’d be christian and just say, ‘welcome back from your c offee break(s) and whatnot(s)”

  2. Anne

    This Thursday huh? Which lunatics are in so far? What’s the criteria again? Had to be informed or something? Can you go incognito?

  3. seekingsusan

    Ps: there’s a reason that some people aren’t on the telly and write either in the papers or on here. Please don’t turn into The Irish Times or The Irish Independent who post online vids of their journalists giving their tuppence-worth. There’s a reason they’re not even on the radio. Never mind the faces, beware of the voices. Leave RTE alone. It’s not able for anymore competition

    1. Happy Molloy

      hats off to our volunteers, I’m sure we will all act with some restraint and don’t tear our volunteers to shreds lest we don’t get given this invaluable gift again!

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