New Adventures In Irish Hi-Fi




Last week, we asked YOU, our distinguished commentariat to recommend us your favourite new Irish music.

On the line was a crisp, new €25 voucher for Golden Discs, redeemable at any of its fourteen locations nationwide. In fact, we asked you to complete this sentence:

‘My current favourite song by a new Irish artist is ___________________ by ______________________ because __________________________’

The competition was tight as usual, but as ever, there can only be one winner:

Dav clinches it, with his recommendation (streaming above).

My current favorite song by a new Irish artist is Falling for You by Daithí featuring Sinead White because, not only is it a powerful vocal on her end, but he spent the last year traveling Ireland, recording sounds from the landscape to incorporate into his tracks, so I mean this quite literally when I say this is the sound of Ireland!

Other highlights from the running:

Gorugeen: ‘My current favourite song by a new Irish artist is Charlene by Chewing on Tinfoil because the video is so simple, honest, which reflects the song. It’s a tune that’s emotional but not at all soppy. It’s a touch raucous and sung in a genuine accent. An all round great package.’

Odockatee: ‘My current favourite song by a new Irish artist is Tin Man by Saint Sister because it has great harmonies, a real velvet flow and it’s just cool.’

Anne: ‘Lynched are very good’.

Penfold: ‘My current favourite song by a new Irish artist is Bullethead by Fangclub because its a great rough sounding riff laden track that showcases the bands grungey influences. Not sure if it qualifies as new as picked it up midway through last year.’

Thanks all

Golden Discs

Last week: The Young Folk

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7 thoughts on “New Adventures In Irish Hi-Fi

  1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Eh, can we have a better competition next Friday, please?

    It’s all very commendable that you promote new young bands and everything, but you have to remember that the Brownsheet Massive is chronologically-challenged. We know more about changing nappies than we do about wearing them.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        You two aren’t very good at this, are you?
        – Stick to your own league.

        I’m giving you a free pass today.
        I won’t be so nice in the future so don’t be getting ideas. You aren’t very good at that either.

    1. Mike McGrath-Bryan

      So, appealing more directly to your own personal tastes rather than documenting what’s currently happening in Irish music is somehow objectively “better”? Oh, please. Do explain.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    ‘ My current favourite song by a new Irish artist is Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone by Stoat because 2017.. and the Irish punk techno social commentary lyrics aren’t half bad at all at all …and I defy anyone to resist toe tapping along to this bit of air-punchin’ choonage when whacked all the way up to 11 ! ’

    I think this wee thumper was sent to the world to free us from the Deadites …and the Borg collective ….and other similar stuff.
    Jus’ sayin’… as stupid Star Trek Discovery launch delays upset everything… then I stick the choon on again… and I’m off !

    *shakes fist and pogos about *

    Stoat – Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone

    Talk radio makes me feel alone.
    200 thousand people poised with their thumbs on their phones
    Waiting for the invitation
    To parade their opinions on the airwaves of the nation.
    You can join in too, and discuss
    The best way to get thin, or the collective noun for bus,
    Or to use “PC” as a term of abuse,
    Or to say “What use
    Is that to me?”
    I’m crouched
    At my desk, trying to shut it all out
    While my workmates are humming along with the jingles
    Or mouthing the words of the latest singles.

    Spot the odd one out.
    His love for his neighbour is cast into doubt
    By every message read out
    On the radio.

    Now they’re laughing at some joke I don’t understand,
    Or rather I don’t understand how it’s funny.
    The punchline is “people have ” or “someone is gay” –
    They snigger and I’m filled with dismay
    And curse and rant in the workplace.
    My colleagues are alarmed.
    “Sure it’s only a bit of fun”, they say. “Where’s the harm?”
    Where’s the harm?
    I try to offer an explanation
    But no-one’s interested in communication
    Or changing the station.

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