18 thoughts on “The Arf Is A Lonely Hunter

  1. ivan

    “She’s not going to sell much ice-cream dressed like that”

    *waggles glasses, catches invisible nut in paper bag*

  2. Rob_G

    Not content with showing us ads for RTÉ crappy chatshows, now they are showing us mildly sexist ads for ice creams.

        1. No more mr nice guy

          Hello jusayinlike

          We can get you the help you need

          Just don’t think you’re on your own buddy

          1. No more mr nice guy

            That’s four usernames I’ve counted today. Clearly you are suffering and here is the thing I actually do want to help you in your hour of need

          2. No more mr nice guy

            As I said now a few times: I really want to help all of your online personas. It’s worrying indeed when you make the effort to comment back to each other with them in the same thread. Perhaps more serious than I thought. But here’s the thing : I do want to help you. Together we can overcome this. PM me.

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