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For the weekend that’s in it.

March 16th, 2013.

Italy, the dreaded banana skin of the 6 Nations, fells a stunned Ireland.

Gerry Thornley holding back his tears wrote:

The most dejected trudge yet from the dressingroom to the coaches in the tunnel of the Stadio Olympico fittingly resembled another scene from MASH. A dazed and Luke Marshall followed by Keith Earls, his arm tucked under his tracksuit top. Luke Fitzgerals went by on crutches, his leg entirely encased. The ravages of the Six Nations campaign will be felt for some time.
A host of new men have been thrust into this ravaged squad, with the carnage of Saturday providing them with scenarios that they could not of imagined or experiencing in their fledgling careers to date

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13 thoughts on “La Forza De Destino

  1. Charger Salmons

    The Italians can be tricky at home,particularly against a demoralised Oirish side whose blithe assumption of a stately process through the 6Nations was kicked inot touch and out of the stadium by the Jocks.
    Ireland need to win big with a bonus point.

  2. dav

    The over hyping of this team prior to the start of the competition made the Scottish victory all the more sweeter, it’ll be 24mths before we have to suffer that grand slam bull crap again

        1. Steph Pinker

          If you despise rugby so much Frilly, why do you usually go to the bother of making snide and patronising remarks on rugby-related articles?

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