22 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. petey

    I’m viewing this from many miles but at least, it appears, mccabe has regained his reputation and o’sullivan has lost hers.

    1. Sam

      I dunno, I think some folk won’t believe him until some funkers are behind bars , or at the least out of a job.
      Tusla needs to get rid of whoever did the deed at their end, otherwise trust in a relatively new agency will evaporate. The Commish and her husband, I wouldn’t trust them to hold a speed gun. They can moan all they like about the public not supporting the Gardaí, but as long as this type of carry on is carried on, the public isn’t the problem.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Did I hear correctly this morning? That the ‘mistake’
        was made by outsourced person?
        HSE/Tusla outsourcing this?
        Outsourcing was Brendan Howlins answer to the embargo on recruiting.

  2. martco

    look at the rats
    eating each other on the lead pages which gladly oblige instead of focussing on the real story here

    also good to see that super popular new party Fianna Fáil are going to abstain in the upcoming confidence vote, what does that mean exactly? is it that they are confident that FG are all above board in how they’re handling this or is it that they still can’t be sure if Maurice McCabe is telling the truth. God knows I’m confused as they are.


    1. jonner

      FF is afraid to be part of FG’s demise because FF knows FG will destroy them with other truths not yet in the public domain.

      Fear of smear.

    2. ReproBertie

      ” Fianna Fáil are going to abstain in the upcoming confidence vote, what does that mean exactly?”
      Part of the deal FF and FG struck after the last election was the FF would abstain from the vote on Taoiseach (thus ensuring Enda gets in without them having to support him) and on confidence/no-confidence motions.

      So what it means is that FF get to claim their hands are tied and then sit back and watch FG haemorrhage support while the morons turn to them instead. The collapse of this government is strictly a timing thing at this stage. Once FF are sure they have duped enough gullible idiots into supporting them they’ll pull the plug and come back as the biggest party.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Coz that’s never happened before.

      When has Enda ever willing sat through a difficult interview? RTE are a soft option where he’s concerned.

  3. Lord Snowflakee

    Wow – oh look there’s a woman! And she’s not wearing a bra!!! OMFG!!! Hold the front page!!!

  4. Kolmo

    There was a lot of generalities being spoken about the McCabe situation, terms of reference, who said what, when etc.. but nobody, anywhere, just said outright what is being implied – A senior Garda was upset that someone was highlighting irregularities and/or criminality within their division – and proceeded to chillingly fabricate a set of the worst type of allegations, using other state agencies in the conspiracy to undermine any highlighting of alleged misconduct – the length to which the fabricator of these allegations went to discredit and intimidate Sgt McCabe and his family is very sinister, and what’s worse is that the highest ranking Gardaí backed-up the horrific implications by pulling the shutters down as if transparency and the citizen were the enemy – are the poiticians afraid of the Gardai?

    1. martco

      thank you Kolmo!

      and there you have it, it’s as simple as that

      so why indeed are we fupping about with this exactly??? that’s the question.

      and we’re beyond due process and all that lark, way beyond. fear may well be part of it, don’t forget how Clare Daly got her collar felt.

      bring an outside police commissioner in to lead a criminal investigation please thank you. unless ye have something to hide and rather not discuss – eh, Enda? eh, Meehall?

  5. EightersGonnaEight

    Una Mullally in the Irish Times writing about EIRCODE, conveniently ignoring the news about her political muse Katherine Zappone. Don’t expect any Letters page comment as this constitutes criticism and Una’s safe space ensures no debate or feedback on her opinion. Truly the worst example of snowflakism in Irish journalism.

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