‘Not Appropriate’


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Minister for Finance Michael Noonan

In case you missed it.

At the weekend…

Hugh O’Connell and Jack Horgan-Jones, in the Sunday Business Post, reported:

Michael Noonan, the Department of Finance and Nama have all been heavily criticised in a damning secret report prepared for TDs investigating the sale of Project Eagle.

Nama’s controversial €1.6 billion sale of its Northern Ireland loan book three years ago is the subject of a number of damaging conclusions in a draft working paper to be discussed by TDs on the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

It ultimately concludes that Nama’s sales strategy could be described as “flawed” and it has been “unable to demonstrate” that it got value for the Irish state.

The paper said it was “not appropriate” for the Department of Finance to meet with the ultimately successful bidder, Cerberus, in the days before the closing date for Project Eagle bids. It similarly states that it was “not appropriate” for Noonan or Nama to meet with Cerberus the day before the Project Eagle bid closing date – and that this could be perceived as “special treatment”.

The Public Accounts Committee will meet in private at 5pm tomorrow and then in public at 10am on Thursday.

Report: Noonan acted inappropriately – Nama sale flawed (Sunday Business Post)

Nama failed in corporate governance of Project Eagle, says draft PAC paper (Sunday Business Post)

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45 thoughts on “‘Not Appropriate’

    1. jambon

      Yes, not appropriate, unfit for purpose, wrong, whatever way you want to spin it, but ultimately not working for us.

    1. Happy Molloy

      Yeah, and it’s the tone of it that drags it down.
      I’ve been looking at the Phoenix magazine a lot lately and they would have the same type of content, but its tone is more of witty cynicism.
      I’d love a bit more of this from broadsheet, they certainly have the ability as some of their headlines are class.

      1. Tony

        Bit of an odd thing to say Harry. Does the ‘endless negativity’ ( and even more tedious endless bickering and name calling) not all come from the commenters? BS tends to avoid much negative editorialising I would have thought. Apart from when Bodger went off on one over Hillary Clinton. That’s what made that so weird.

        1. Happy Molloy

          Yeah, that’s a fair comment, the position of broadsheet seems to be drop the news in the blog feed and most of the editorial aspect comes in the share of bolded text. But maybe it’s the fact that so much of the news that is dropped regarding anything that can be seen as “establishment” is negative, without any focus on the positive ,that can give the place a negative feel.

          That said broadsheet can’t help if there’s a lot of negative items to report on. But it would be good to see a bit of positive reenforcement in cases where the establishment does good.

          That’s just a passing opinion anyway, feel free to disagree, for the most part I think broadsheet is great :-)

          1. rotide

            Spot on harry,

            You can’t say that it’s all the commenters driving the negativity when 90% of the output caters to the rabid anit-establishment ethos. Add in the bolding for effect and broadsheet aren’t blameless.

            At the end of the day, they’re catering to their audience.

          2. Anne

            “add in the bolding for effect and broadsheet aren’t blameless”

            L O L. The bold bits aren’t their words.

          3. Enter Sandman

            There’s a bit more to it than that though rotide.

            It’s also how Broadsheet choose to moderate comments. For example look at the stuff from “Anne” down below.In one post she abuses the Minister of Finance referring to his lack of hair.
            In another she advised him to “fupp off”.

            Broadsheet actively encourage this style and tone of commentary. It’s relentlessly bitter, negative and not even remotely insightful

      2. Sheik Yahbouti

        Ah yeah, Harry – let’s all be ‘witty’ and outdo each other with our aphorisms and bons mot. That will make the swindles perpetrated against the Irish people much more fun. It’s a laugh a minute don’tcha know?

        1. Lord Snowflakee

          It’s constant though Sheik

          everyone’s either a ‘baldy’, a ‘fupper’ , has impure motives (usually greed), can be corrupted, or is out to destroy another person’s life, said broadsheet regulars yesterday (every day)

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Well… at least no one is threatening to come round me house and ‘sort me out’… kinda freaky that… or getting messages on feckbook from anonymous accounts that say… ‘oh, that’s what you look like Clampers’….

            That sh** be real freaky dude :?/

        2. Happy Molloy

          there’s a difference between healthy cynicism and outright negativity. see your comment for the latter

          1. Lord Snowflakee

            see also:


            A bromide is a phrase or platitude whose excessive use suggests insincerity or a lack of originality in the speaker

            -It’s just the same type of negativity over and over again. Negativity in and of itself isn’t bromide, it could even be cathartic. But most of the people in here have normalised their miserable mindset to such an extent they can rationalise whingeing for the sake of whingeing, and I for one am sick of it. See I’m at it now too!

          2. Anne

            Yeah..funnily enough it might be difficult being a ray of sunshine, thinking the baldy wan is doing great things for the country when you’re shacked up in a b n b, like the 7 thousand families are currently.

            I’d love to have the “positivity” some commenters have. I.e denial.

          3. Rob_G

            Anne and Sheik are the worst.

            They can never leave it at “Michael Noonan has awful policies because of x,y,z”; it always devolves into comments on his general appearance and speculation about his health (something about him “looking like a corpse” being a particularly unpleasant example).

          4. Anne

            It was me. He was nodding off there one day in the dail and I think I said one of them need to prod him to make sure he’s still with us.

            He needs to go. He’s done enough damage. I mean retire of course..not die or anything.

          5. Clampers Outside!

            I liked your “bromide” comment… although I had it in my head that it was a printing bromide and so I was in my own mind thinking… this must have something to do with running off lots of copies of something ad nauseum until it loses all effect…

            And then I clicked your link to see it’s medical bromide salts that act as mild tranquilizers and sedatives…. until the words lose effect on the intended target…

            I nearly got the exact same meaning from “bromide” as you intended, but related it to something completely different.

            Words man.

            They rock and stuff :)

      3. Daddy

        “they certainly have the ability as some of their headlines are class.”

        Any fool can write a headline. Writing content is where the work is.

  1. Anne

    “Not Appropriate” =Baldy gouging the Irish public and meeting with the high flyers from Wall Street again we see.

    Does he care about the fact that he’s enslaving a generation to the vultures and that we have thousands of Irish citizens who are homeless because of his policies? Sociopath

  2. Peter Dempsey

    Broadsheet is bad but the vibe on Rabble is worse. Say something “uncool” there and prepare to be ripped to shreds as well as abusive PMs

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