Putting The Band Back Together



They’ve been going 30 years, on and off.

Some continuity, in fairness.

Ted writes:

Legendary Polish rock band with a familiar name playing in Galway [Monroe’s Live, Dominick Street] this April….

IRA in Galway (Poles In Galway)

Poles in Galway (Facebook(

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13 thoughts on “Putting The Band Back Together

  1. Mysteron


    Ira! (Portuguese for Anger or Rage) is a Brazilian rock band that was founded in São Paulo in the early 1980s. They were strongly influenced by the Mod sound of The Who, the hard rock of Led Zeppelin and the punk rock of The Clash.

    From the Portuguese wiki page

    “Although many believe that the name “Ira(Wrath/Rage)” was inspired by the Irish Republican Army, it only refers to the feeling of anger. As there were many misunderstandings about the name, an exclamation point was incremented in an attempt to end other interpretations, thus changing to “Ira!”.”

    They had the exclamation mark, before !!! made it cool.

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