Parnell Street, Dublin 1

Annexbis writes:

Luas stop on Parnell Street [which will serve serve “the Rotunda Hospital, the Georgian Northern Quarter, the Gate Theatre”] …needs work….

Parnell St stop (Luas)

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  1. Darragh

    Sorry, I’m genuinely confused by this post. Why does it ‘need work’? You understand the station doesn’t exist yet right and is being built? Surely the whole line ‘needs work’?

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            There’s nothing that can’t be improved by shouting FAKE NEWS at the end of it.

            FAKE NEWS.

            I feel hungover today even though I am not.

  2. dav

    an awful pity th luas crosscity website is vague on the exact end date – “It is anticipated passengers will begin travelling on the new line during the latter half of 2017. “

  3. Mahoney

    this line has the same amount of planning and preparation as the previous lines, it will surely be a fantastic addition to the streets of north dublin and I anticipate no problems integrating with current traffic levels

  4. Dancost

    Who cares about the Luas opening…..I saw The Kingfisher Restaurant is about to open! Finally daycent fish n chips back on d’northside!!!

        1. bleeschmn

          I dunno, there’s lots of facilities on the Southside, and it’s still chock full of c-nuts.

          Disclaimer: as a sophisticated person from glorious Meath, the entire city of Dublin is to be found wanting.

  5. Jesus Wept

    The font people! the font ! needs work .Every luas will appear 10 years late arriving under this singage.

  6. Starina

    i look forward to the opportunity to have fags, water, spit and rocks thrown at my head on the southside once this line is completed, rather than just when I am obligated to cross the river. (all of it’s happened in seperate incidences and all, strangely, around abbey st)

    1. bleeschmn

      Hey you’ve been ferrying your riffraff over form James St for long enough on the red line, time for some payback!

      1. bleeschmn

        Sorry, I forgot that James St is “Dublin West” just like Irishtown and anywhere else the leafy suburbians want to disown ;p

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