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Dublin Cycling writes:

“In 2012, before Luas Cross City construction began, the NTA commissioned a report on the integration of cycling & trams. Here are that report’s recommendations. Nowhere in the report is a ban or “dismount” of cyclists recommended or even referenced. Nowhere.”


Dublin Cycling


Free tonight?

The Luas on O’Connell Street, Dublin

This morning was the first Monday of the new Luas cross city service.

So how did that go?


Conor Pope, in The Irish Times, reports:

A traffic signalling failure in Dublin caused traffic chaos across the city on Monday morning, the first weekday of the new Luas cross city service.

Dublin City Council, the Luas and the Garda traffic division are all working to deal with the signalling failure which has seen the new tram line get off to a very rocky start on its first day of ferrying serious volumes of commuter traffic.



Signal failure creates gridlock as Luas cross city hits first rush-hour (Irish Times)

Pic: Galwaytrad


College Green, Nassau Street and and Dawson Street, Dublin 2

A selection of the drab Dublin City Council utility cabinet boxes associated with the new Luas cross city line controversially cluttering up our capital’s main pedestrian thoroughfares.

Luas Cross city has stated that due to access and traffic signaling the boxes need to be close to junctions and cannot be moved.


Previously: Each Have A Function, There Are No Empty Boxes

Sam Boal/Rollingnews


Spotted at the juncture between O’Connell Bridge and Westmoreland Street.

Thanks Orla

College Green, Dublin 2

Groups of metal cabinets, described by some as appearing like a “mini-Stonehenge” or a “collection of milk cartons” have been springing up across Dublin city along the route of the new Luas Cross City line.

Particular concern has been raised over the collection of cabinets at College Green where Dublin City Council plans to build a €10 million “world class” pedestrian and cycle plaza.

A spokeswoman for the Luas Cross City project said all of the cabinets were necessary and could not be relocated or housed underground: “They are all required, they each have a function, there are no empty boxes.”

Anger over ‘appalling’ cabinets named Dublin’s ‘mini-Stonehenge’ (irish Times)

Pic via Rothar


Ah here.