You May Like This: Telephone Explosions



Telephone Explosionselectronic pop duo from Dublin

What you may need to know…

01. Comprised of singer Dolores Fogarty and Adrian Mee, Telephone Explosions are a pop two-piece based in Dublin.

02. Citing number stations and other clandestine transmissions as influences, they’ve been quick to get the grá from Irish music press, with Nialler9 and The Last Mixed Tape singing their praises.

03. Streaming above is debut single Pocket, available now for free download from their Bandcamp.

04. We’re reliably informed an extended-player is due this summer, off the back of the aforementioned tune.

Thoughts: Dreamy, otensibly easy, minimal, harmony-laced pop with a foreboding undertone.

Telephone Explosions

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