Sunday Morning Golden Hour



Last week, we asked you to fill us in on the sounds that ease you into your Sunday mornings.

To be specific, we asked you to complete the following sentence.

‘On Sunday mornings I fill my home with the sounds of___________________________because_____________’

At stake was a €25 voucher for Golden Discs, redeemable at any of their 14 locations nationwide.

The competition, as ever, was stiff, but there can only be one (as ever).

Kolmo wins with this rhyming clincher:

“On Sunday mornings I fill my home with the sounds of Bill Withers’ ‘Lovely Day‘  because I’ll tell you why – you wake up, feeling like a slug, climb out of bed after giving her a hug, scratch your head as you hop from the bed, have the dogs been fed? We’ll have to see after quite a lengthy pee. Roll downstairs, tip on over to the shiny kettle, still not feeling the finest of fettle, fill her up as you look at the pup, right so, let’s start the show – on goes ‘Lovely Day’, a warm wave melts over you that everything is going to be OK.”

Strong contenders from the running:

Odockatee: “On Sunday mornings I fill my home with the sounds of Badly Drawn Boy’s Hour of the Bewilderbeast because from the opening, cornflakes-themed The Shining, it’s a gentle but interesting meander near the water and back. Just a beautiful document of moments in time.”

James M.Chimney: “Sunday morning. It could be Dream Wife or possibly Screaming Females. Sometimes the vinyl goes on, or sometimes it’s purely digital. If I’m busy cooking breakfast, I’ll opt for something upbeat, Joy Division or a bit of Batcave. As the sausages sizzle under the grill, I’ll reach for imaginary cobwebs. As I pour the orange juice, I lament to Cave’s refrain… ‘why are all the women weeping?‘”

Shayna: “It’s Sunday morning, there’s no-one to gently warm my croissants in the oven, there’s no Illy freshly ground coffee percolating, the Papers have arrived (mags not fully intact – Damn you, little neighbour paperboy/kid). I’m trying to feel better about my disastrous artichokes entrée at my last dinner party (balsamic vinegar on the table, what was I thinking?). Anyhoos, I got Bob.”

Harry Molloy: “On Sunday mornings I fill my home with the sounds of Procol Harum’s Whiter Shade of Pale because it sounds great, you can sing along without knowing what you’re singing about (poxiest bleedin’ lyrics ever written) and it reminds me of being little when my dad would be singing along to classic gold while making a fry, and would give me a sausage on a fork which would satisfy my little stomach”

The Citizen: “On Sunday mornings I am mostly listening to the talented Irish singer and producer Gavin Glass and the title track from his most recent album Sunday Songs because he gets it. The getting old, the hangover, the fun, the realism and the optimism. Worth a listen anytime, Sunday morning ideally.”

gorugeen: “on Sunday mornings I like to fill my home with the sound of Dummy by Portishead. Why? Because it’s the perfect soundtrack to Sunday morning happy time.”

mildred st. meadowlark: “On Sundays I fill my home with the sounds of Sunrise by Norah Jones because it’s a wonderfully warm song and just makes me bliss out as I make an enormous stack of food. Also anything by Fleet Foxes. They have a wonderfully uplifting sound to their music that would suit a relaxing and ponderous Sunday morning.”

Thanks all.

Golden Discs

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