Aussie rules?

Colm Walsh writes:

I’m sure you agree that the rock thrown through my windshield at Tibradden last week, between 3.30&5.50pm (lost one pair of old jeans), while hiking, created a map of Australia in its place…

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11 thoughts on “Out Back

  1. Lord Lucan

    Ye guys never heard of a rear windshield?

    Also a savage beating would seem appropriate for these jean thieving scumbags (apologies for the comparison to bags filled with scum)

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Blackguards, it’s sad that folk can’t go for a walk without scum doing this sort of thing to their cars. Has been going on for years and has ruined many a good days walking. Gardai could stamp this out in a matter of weeks, do they care?, do they fupp. A bit of vigilantism might be the solution.

      1. Bob

        They would have had to report it to get the insurance to pay for replacement glass.
        This has happened to me in the featherbeds. Rang the Gardaí, was told they will send a car up, after waiting for half an hour, I drove to the station to get a crime number. They said I had the option of getting the car examined, but would be without it for about a week.

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