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  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Amazing how FG can reverse their pre election stance on water charges, and continue to try and ram them through – against the express wishes of the electorate. There must be some truly lucrative positions and favourable share options on the table – for some.

    1. Joe cool

      Na I think ff are telling them to back it to the hilt. If they don’t they’ll pull the plug. So when ff get in they’ll look brilliant

    2. Mickey Twopints

      I think it’s even less subtle than that. FF are attempting to force FG’s hand at a time when the party leadership is unstable. If the squabbling between Varadkar and Coveney camps spills over into the water charges “debate” then FG are likely to be mortally wounded. FF appear to be more pragmatic – they seem to accept that the battle to enforce water charges has been lost. FG are still in denial, despite overwhelming evidence.

    3. martco

      whatever about internal party strifes (honestly who gives a fupp and why aren’t we talking about Maurice McCabe, Grace, homeless crisis…) or some pre-election engineering this smells like ideology from Coveney.

      You’ve got it right, FG are tone deaf because you or I don’t matter…all that matters is privatisation of water.

      for me the thing that stands out is that as of today IW is still intact fully functioning and parked. You heard of any redundancies? It’s sitting there just burning money quietly and ready to go do their billing thing.

      Little local ditto – 2 days ago neighbour encountered a mains sewerage issue. DLRCOCO area. Neighbour rang them only to be passed to IW, neighbour rings IW to ask them to call out. IW (really this is true) after checking that THEIR ACCOUNT IS FULLY PAID UP says down the phone “OK were passing you to our OUTSOURCE PARTNER to arrange a crew to resolve the issue”

      Guess who the outsource partner is?!

      Yep, DLRCOCO

      IW not gone away there to stay.
      FG having an ideology problem but FF would say mass to get re-elected. Despite all the kerfuffle water tax still hanging about. Not a whisper of constitutional guarantee of ownership.
      Hasn’t gone away, nothing’s changed.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Why would IW go away, won’t we still need a system to run the utility and there’s been no dismantling done, so not sure why anyone would think it went anywhere.

        just sayin’

  2. Drunkatmemes

    Excuse me.
    I’m drunk. I’m in McDonalds on Grafton Street in Dublin, trying me best to rob ALL the copies of the Irish Undependable before any less discerning readers get to see them.
    So, eh…
    The first line on the front page says, ‘LEO Varadkar (sic) has backed his Fine Gael leadership rival Simon Coveney in the high-stakes battle with Fianna Fail over water charges.’

    Who wrote that?… I bet it was Brendan O’fuking Connor. He’s that stupid.

    Gotta go.
    I just lit a fire and I think the security guard was looking at me. He winked…

    Maybe he’s gay… I dunno.
    He might be straight. I better move, eh?

    1. Drunkatmemes

      I’m hiding on Wicklow Street, behind a blue wheelie-bin.
      I can’t help myself from thinking that the fupping willy-brained and backwards thinking bottomoles who dare to call themselves the Irish Independent are just a bunch of homophobic bastards.

      As John Lydon once said…
      I could be wrong….

      1. Brother Barnabas

        I can see you, bad. wave.

        [tip: hitch up your pants a little. that gang of kids behind you are throwing peanuts]

  3. Mickey Twopints

    That advert the Examiner carries on the bottom LHS of page 7 offends my eyes.

    An you thought you had problems.

    1. Rob_G

      I don’t think it will result in seats: SF are just too transfer-toxic.

      I think we will see a return to the Tallaght Strategy.

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