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  1. objective

    So is the apology to Catherine Corless from Rosita Boland and Conor Goodman in today’s Irish Times?

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    “Religous” people don’t lie. They have mental reservations!

    I know hell exists in the minds of these nuns and I hope it plagued their every waking hour until a painful, scary death.

    1. Nomorememes@yes.com

      Daisy, I’m sorry.
      I had already robbed this thread before I saw your post.
      I’m very angry with everyone, but half in love with you.

      Forgive me, please.

  3. Deluded

    Irish society is run by the smart people.
    Auctioneers, solicitors, scholars and teachers.
    A lot of these people came from the well-off in the community, capable people who left a farm or business to some of the children, educated or apprenticed the bright one, married-off a few more and sent the rest to religion so the community could feed them.

    Many of these nuns weren’t called to Jesus, they were sent. God knows who ended up in charge in such a system.
    On the radio yesterday they said that the high mortality rate in these places (~20% v 7% nationally) is on the Dáil records from the 1930s.
    In my opinion the nuns know more than they are lettin’ on and when the anger dies down they will start picking at the idle speculation and claim persecution.

    As I understand it, at the foundation of the Irish state, Rome demanded control of the education system that we built for them (and staffed and funded but they own it all, land and buildings, not the community).

    There was no “void” that the RCC filled.
    I think we traded control of health and education for international diplomacy and access.

    I also think that Rome knows whats going on.

    1. martco

      nicely summarised, so now imo apart from criminal investigation:

      1. stop rcc effective control of schools admissions policy, do it now, this is the root of it all…stop this and the necessity to baptise/indoctrinate a child into the rcc stops….couple of generations later they’re irrelevant/only sought out by choice. why does anyone reckon Iona institute all over this subject? why so interested? It’s because it’s the root of membership supply, cut it and their future changes.

      2. actually follow up and execute redress (how much money and property has the state actually confiscated??) & while at it deploy dept of revenue all over the likes of Bon Secours, choke the money supply.

      1. Kieran NYC

        Posted 8 or 10 more of his tediously boring rants.

        I didn’t read them but I saw him spam the place before I went to bed here.

  4. postmanpat

    ‘nun lying through her teeth’? Nuns don’t Lie, they use “mental equivocation” .

  5. bored with morons

    Haven’t heard that radio advertisement for Bon Secours hospitals for a few days now.

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