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Darragh Noob writes:

How many Gonzaga students does it take to hang a banner? Evidently more than in this photo taken yesterday at the Leinster Schools Semi-Final in Donnybrook [Dublin 4]…




Ah here.

‘We weren’t that drunk’ – Sobering result for Gonzaga fans, but they still sing when they’re losing (Independent.ie)

Pic Damien Eagers

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14 thoughts on “One Job

      1. Joe Small

        If only that were true. They’re all losers really. Paul Howard’s made a career of pointing that out.

        1. Kieran NYC

          Paul Howard’s made a career of stretching one mildly amusing joke from back in the early 2000s very, very thin


    I can spot at least three lads with non Irish surnames in the wild, in that that last pic.
    Don’t know them or nutn, its just a skill I have developed living & working among them..so the
    the question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see a westbrit except in a picture book?

  2. Bort

    I was wondering why there was so many little cretins in Clonskeagh in ZAGA hats neckin cans at 1 in the afternoon yesterday

  3. Nigel

    Great to see the Agaznog supporters out in force. I think it’s the name of a giant spider in Harry Potter?

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