Your Bike With Brains



Last year, Smart Dublin through Dublin City Council launched a challenge to seek “smart, innovative and low cost solutions” to increase the number of people cycling in Dublin.

Via Dublin City Council:

Four companies have been each awarded €25,000 Phase 2 funding to develop smart technology solutions to help increase bicycle usage, to gather better data to understand cyclist behaviour and also help deter bicycle theft….

The chosen companies and their smart solutions are:

BikeLook  monitors bicycle usage and deters and detects bicycle theft.

The Liberty Bell by Fluidedge is a bicycle bell that allows cyclists to “record actual or perceived obstacles” .

The See.Sense tracker allows cyclists to collect crowd-sourced information that gathers unique data “including the identification of road surface conditions and collision and near-miss hotspot areas”,

Smartcharge introduces a “tracking, logging and data harvesting system for use with bicycles in an urban area aiding the cyclist in predicting the ease of a journey, safety along the way and creating a secure parking facility at the end of the journey.

Dublin City Council (Facebook)

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6 thoughts on “Your Bike With Brains

    1. edalicious

      “What we need to do to make cycling safer is to add a kind of protective metal shell around the cyclist. The heavier outer shell will make it harder to balance so we suggest adding some more wheels to aid the cyclist in keeping the bike upright. All this extra weight will make the bike much heavier but we could counteract this by adding a propulsion system, perhaps fuelled with some form of energy-dense liquid…”

  1. Wayne Carr

    Haha, yeah. I hate the way cyclists delay me when I’m driving my car… I mean cyclists, and traffic lights, and pedestrians, buses, and the other car drivers. But yeah, we badly need to get more people driving. That will speed up the whole process, as there will be far fewer cyclists to slow down the extra cars.

    Still though, bloody cyclist scum! Worse than the Nazis, the Catholic Church, and Fianna Fáil combined and multiplied by 1916.

    Using your bicycle also damages Irish car manufacturers like Suzuki and Volkswagen, so think before you pedal, you liberal, millennial, snow flake *rs*h*l*s.

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