The Prepping


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It’s like talking to a stuffed animal.

Said the red bear.

Matthew Kelly writes:

Footage has emerged of Enda Kenny preparing to raise the tough issues in his meeting with Donald Trump….

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7 thoughts on “The Prepping

  1. martco

    well if you’ve heard his shambles press conference performance today then this would seem to be accurate!

    fake leader

    1. Jack Richards

      Ah you are a big boy now. You got in a cheap-shot at Enda. I’m sure he is really worried about “scribes” like you. Your day of fame has come. LOL

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Dead sound, Jack.

        Sick of all these cheap shots at Enda – best geography teacher we never had. Don will be well impressed when Enda gives his explanation of difference between stalactites and stalacmites.

  2. Jared Katooie

    If Enda had any guts he’d tell Trump that the Irish people demand the decommissioning of Rick Santorum’s Christian fundamentalist cyborg paramilitary group CHRISTFORCE.

    But fat chance of that happening.

  3. Jared Katooie

    They’re not connected with Ireland per se., but, as a member of the international community it’s important for Ireland to be seen to be speaking out against the proliferation of post-human military units.

  4. Daddy

    An embarrassment to his country.

    A court jester who’ll dance to whatever tune he’s told to. He’s a mindless fool while Noonan sells the country out from beneath our feet.

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