Meanwhile, In Sheriff Street


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This afternoon,

Sheriff Street,, Dublin 1

Local residents, including Sinead Dunleavy and her son Guy Dowling with St Patrick (above), joined children from schools and creches, business workers and artists in a  mini march around Sheriff Street today ahead of tomorrow’s St Patrick Day Parade .

In fairness


18 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Sheriff Street

  1. Brother Barnabas

    Screw the parade. Should be subsidised boozing from noon to 6pm. Then from 6pm-9pm, cordon off the entire area spanning 1km in all directions from O’Connell Bridge – designated fight zone. Anything goes, mass melee for 3 straight hours. If you don’t like it, stay out of the zone.

    I submitted this idea to Tourism Ireland and Dublin City Council three or four years ago. No response as yet.

    1. Jack Ascinine

      Send it to Fox. They’ll make a Simpsons episode out of it. Btw, I’m all for that as well. What kind of street sweepers would DCC buy for the aftermath?

  2. Anomanomanom

    Fake news, believe me that area 99% of the time is not like that. Its an out an out poo hole..

  3. Jocky

    I cannot stand this St Patricks Festival crap. What was wrong with having a single day? Why are all these holidays now stretching out to weeks?

  4. bertie blenkinsop

    Nice to see a great community spirit, particularly in an area that’s endured a lot of bad press, fair play to them.

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    Brilliant. I worked with a bunch of Sheriff St. women some years ago and they taught me a lot about the facts of life.One of them being, have fun ;)

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Hoop, there appear to be quite a number of Civil Service type snobs in these here parts. No matter – life goes on (afraid of being labelled ‘hurtful’ for ‘attacking’ said snobs).

  6. Ben Redmond

    Sheriff St people are the real dubs. All others are just rolled out for the tourists and John Hinde postcard agents.

  7. Nigel

    Looks like lots of fun, but I want someone to use that mask in the first picture for a psycho-killer in a horror film.

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