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This afternoon,

Sheriff Street,, Dublin 1

Local residents, including Sinead Dunleavy and her son Guy Dowling with St Patrick (above), joined children from schools and creches, business workers and artists in a  mini march around Sheriff Street today ahead of tomorrow’s St Patrick Day Parade .

In fairness


15/03/2017. St Patricks Festival 2017. Pictured St Patrick in Dublin this morning. Today St Patrick was in Dublin to launch the St Patricks Festival which will take place from 10:30 am tomorrow Wednesfday 15th March 2017. The festival runs from the 16th - 19th March. The theme this year is Ireland You Are. Photo: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie

This afternoon.

The IFSC, Dublin 1

A momentarily buckled Saint Patrick (possibly a jobbing actor) launching the St Patrick’s Festival which starts tomorrow with activities across the city and runs until the 19th.


St Patrick’s Day Parade 2017 route.

The parade starts from the northern edge of Parnell Square, near the Hugh Lane Gallery, at 12 noon.

Bring a brolly.

St Patrick’s Festival


DublinZoo_Python 001


For next week that’s in it.

Joanne O’Sullivan at Dublin Zoo writes:

Legend suggests that St. Patrick banished all snakes from Ireland, however this weekend Dublin Zoo is welcoming the arrival of this striking green tree python to its Reptile House.The green tree python is a small, slender species of python which prefers to coil over a tree branch rather than live on the ground. Native to the rainforests of New Guinea and northern Australia, green tree pythons are non venomous. Green tree pythons are carnivores and feed on small mammals and occasionally reptiles.

Dublin Zoo