Straw Couple Argument


Graeme K writes:

I see [Irish Times Political Correspondent] Michael O’Regan’s tweet remains undeleted in the face of some justifiable criticism….

While part of me thinks good on him for sticking to his guns  another part says what a complete and utter spanner…


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31 thoughts on “Straw Couple Argument

  1. RuilleBuille

    The two of them must have really upset FG if they have to turn to O’Regan to attack them.

    1. dav

      then they are doing good work, because anything that upsets fg is for the good of the majority as they will only do good for the rich and the vulture funds.

  2. Jocky

    Justifiable? The same crowd would all be high fiving each other if it was a funny image of Trump or Kenny.

    1. Twunt

      Ironically, ad hominem attacks are considered fair game when the victim is perceived to be intellectually inferior to the accuser.

    2. Sham Bob

      Well Regan has apologised, saying that he didn’t see the full tweet before retweeting, by which I assume he means he didn’t see the Worzel Gummidge bit.
      So if he didn’t see that why the fupp did he retweet it? Was he saying that Wallace and Daly epitomised the last Dail?

  3. bisted

    …the political wing of the Irish Times seems to have gone fully ‘tabloid’ in the worst Murdoch sense…I’d love to know what stalwarts such Fintan O’Toole think of the likes of McGee, Leahy and O’Regan…

  4. Gah!

    “Put a Wor after W and a Wor after O, a Wor after R and away we go! A Wor after Z and a Wor after E, a Wor after L, a zel after Wor and you’re left …with me!”

    I’m just going for a lie-down.

  5. gringo

    O Regan once described Michael Martin as a highly successful leader of Fianna Fail, so cheap personal attacks on the only opposition politicians in the Dail, are to be expected from a captured reporter.Sad times for the Irish Times though

  6. Nigel

    Honestly, it’s not unfunny, and they should wear it with pride – a field needs some scarecrows to keep the feckin’ crows honest.

  7. Sam

    If scarecrows can dig up info on garda wrongdoing against whistleblowers and dodgy NAMA deals, then I say let’s have more scarecrows in the Dáil.

  8. Serval

    I’d prefer to have politicians in suits and ties who don’t work for the people than politicians in regular clothes who do work for the people.

  9. The Bottler

    O’Regan has never written (or spoken) anything original in his inconsequential life. A Godfather of Groupthink.

  10. Steve

    lol – generation snowflake getting their knickers in a twist.

    as commented above, if it was “establishment” party politicians bisted et al would be creaming themselves.

    1. scottser

      You actually think anyone gives a flying fiddlers fupp about this picture? I would think that most politicians have necks like the proverbial jockey’s and can take a bit o slagging now and again.

          1. Steve

            Pettiness for humour . Something broadsheet relies plenty on.

            Define top dog. I think plenty of jokes have been made about people’s appearances on here who aren’t Enda Kenny. Cases in point – Katie O’Connell / Simon Harris / Joan burton etc.

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