Brexit Role Man



Sir Tim Barrow (left) gives UK’s letter of notification (article 50) to Donald Tusk President of the European Council today


This afternoon.

Brussels, Belgium.

Sir Tim Barrow, British ambassador to the EU, handed the written letter to European Council president Donald Tusk…The minute the letter was accepted, the notification to leave was triggered.

Britain now has two years to negotiate an agreement with the 27 remaining EU countries over its future relationship with the bloc.


UK Officially Starts Brexit process (BBCI

Pic: BBC


Bernard writes:

Thought you and your readers might like today’s Liberation front page. Headline is ‘We Already Miss You’ (or Missing You Already)…and the soldier is an Irish Guard (shamrocks on the collar).


14 thoughts on “Brexit Role Man

    1. VinLieger

      Nah no matter what happens its always gonna be someone else’s fault, even when out of the EU they will still blame the EU for all their problems

  1. Nigel

    The minute the letter was accepted, the notification to leave was triggered and Sir Tim was catapulted violently out of Brussels and across the Channel to land in Parliament and perform a perfect curtsy to Theresa May, as is traditional, before both Houses Morris Danced through Ol’ Lunnon Town, chopping the heads off foreigners and throwing croissants in the Thames to shouts of ‘How d’you like them onions?’.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    Man, this is going to be a very long two years. Many, such as your Sheik, may not survive the mind numbing daily reports. As an aside, are we really going to let our Government piss away our fisheries, yet again?

  3. Formerly known as

    There is no way this will end well for the so called UK. Making trade more dififcult is bad – the border in Ireland proves that. Theresa May gives the same speech every time she speaks – have your cake and eat it – promising everything to everyone – she is Trump with grey hair.

    As VinLinger says above, they will still find someone else to blame.

    1. Kieran Nice Young Chap

      “Making trade more difficult is bad”

      Unfortunately both the Right and Left fringes now believe the opposite

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