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Garda Commissioner Nóirín O’Sullivan will be appearing before the Policing Authority from 11am until 1pm (watch live in link above) and will be fielding questions on breath tests, fixed penalty notices, Fennelly Commission and the internal audit on the Garda College in Templemore.

Further to this…

This morning, the Irish Independent reports:

Garda management has ordered a major investigation into “irregularities” surrounding vehicle checkpoints in the Cork district, the Irish Independent has learned.

Senior Garda bosses are probing whether false checkpoints were logged on Pulse – the official Garda computer system.

Two rank-and-file gardaí are under investigation and face the prospect of disciplinary action, according to well-placed sources.

The gardaí are suspected of having set up false checkpoints while on the clock.

Two gardaí under investigation after allegedly setting up fake checkpoints while on the clock (Niall O’Connor, Ralph Riegel, Irish Independent)

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4 thoughts on “Free Now?

  1. Blonto

    Timing is everything!!!!
    Two plonkers are going to be hung out to dry on behalf of the 1 million fake breath tests, the harassment/mistreatment/vilification of whistleblowers and the general ineptitude of senior garda management.
    Hard luck lads. You were caught fiddling the figures like the rest of the force. But the top brass have to be seen to be doing something.

    1. know man is an island

      Why would they do it? Do they get danger money or something for doing fake tests?

      1. Holden MaGroin

        Why would you actually go and do it when you can stay in the nice warm car/station and pretend you did?

        This is not the fault of the G.R.A. though. It’s totally a management issue.

        1. classter

          This attitude is a problem we have.

          Of course, it is a problem of the GRA too. Unions need to be more than shills for the lazy and incompetent. All their decent members will be hurt by this

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