Time To Dance



Free Friday?

Hilary Bowen Walsh writes:

We are a 21-strong motley crew of international dancers gearing up for a one night performance at the Olympia theatre [Dame Street, Dublin 2] this Friday, May 5,  with an existential take on the illusion of time!

Our show is unique in that it brings street dance into the theatre and gives it a central focus alongside ballet and contemporary. and promises to be a truly delectable cultural meat

The Watchmaker at The Olympia

The Watchmaker Classical And Street Dance Theatre

4 thoughts on “Time To Dance

  1. theboogieman@sǝɯǝɯ

    Apply your ‘existential’ take to your ticket-sales.
    That picture reminded me of The Pet Shop Boys and I’m sending you the Dry-cleaning bill.

    You should think about what you’re doing.

    1. theboogieman@sǝɯǝɯ

      Best of luck. Sincerely.
      It sounds good. If I went I’d heckle the testicles off you. You wouldn’t want me there. No self-control.

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