No Dregs here


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Jobstown, Tallaght.Dublin 24

A gathering to protest the ongoing trial of several men, including Paul Murphy TD (pic 1) and Barry Williams (pic 3, with daughter Niamh) charged with the false imprisonment of former Tanaiste Joan Burton and her advisor, Ms. Karen O’Connell at a Right to Water protest in the area in 2014. #NotDregs refers to remarks Ms. O’Connell made while sitting in a car with Ms. Burton.

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

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36 thoughts on “No Dregs here

  1. Owen

    Must be nice to get the day off for these things. They must all have very understanding employers.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Most employers aren’t entitled to know what you do in a Saturday

      Just saying

      1. dav

        When it comes to the employer/employee relationship some here want a return to the “good old days of the 1913 lockout” back.

    2. ollie

      Did you have a nice day off on Saturday Owen, or do FG pay you to troll 7 days a week?

    3. Nigel

      Why would you want to be the sort of person who uses people’s implied employment status as a put-down? Thanks for reinforcing that ugly little stigma I suppose.

    4. Sheik Yahbouti

      Same old same old from a would be party hack. Very poor, Owen, very poor.

  2. b

    …and that’s why the Judge discouraged people from the area from sitting on the Jury

    Campaigning during a trial, using pieces of the evidence on posters, FFS!

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      What’s already in the public domain is up for grabs, especially if you don’t use proper English and stick a hashtag in front of it..
      It’s true. Google it.

  3. Rob_G


    They oppose “political policing”, but attempt to influence the outcome of a trial before the courts through a massive political campaign…

    1. DubLoony

      The people of Jobstown are not on trial, 7 particular individuals are.
      One of them is milking it for as much political gain as much as he can.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Remember the bankruptcy martyrdom of Ivan Yates? All politicians milk for gain.

        1. DubLoony

          Have no time for Yates and his surviving on his “mere” €3,000 per month pension while going bankrupt.

          Murphy has had posters all over the place, several marches, rallies, Liberty Hall event, the online trolling and literally is wearing the t-shirt.
          Have never seen anything like this as an attempt to influence the outcome of a trial. Its extraordinary.

          1. scottser

            yeah, but it’s his own trial. he’s entitled to make as much of a song and dance about it as he wants.

        2. Rob_G

          @ scottser – not really. If Sean Fitzpatrick organised a load of his banker mates to protest with signs saying ‘Free the Greystones 1″ while he was on trial, people would be up in arms – and rightly so.

          1. scottser

            well that’s hardly seanie’s style is it? murphy is just doing what he knows best by protesting and making a racket, and seanie undoubtedly did what he does best – i believe his handicap is under 10 now.

        3. Rob_G

          @ Daisy – did Ivan Yates organise protests at the bankruptcy court in an attempt to influence the verdict? If not, I am not really sure how the two events are related…

  4. Joe Small

    Don’t they ever get tired of protesting and being permanently outraged at something or other? As the number of protests & marches increases, the notice people taken of them decreases.

  5. Lord Snowflakee


    The whole case and soap opera around it are a desperately Irish fiasco – irrelevant, absurd, and a whole shedload of puerile puffery and deliberately obtuse grandstanding

  6. Kieran Nice Young Chap

    Fighting for their right to scream abuse in the face of an old lady.


  7. peasant H. Trid

    Sexist, ageist & patronising in just two words, towards a former Deputy Prime Minister no less, I do admire your brevity Kieran

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